Vanessa Hudgens: why are her shoes controversial?

Vanessa Hudgens

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Vanessa Hudgens, a fashion reference. This is not everyone’s opinion. Seen with UGG Classic Ultra Mini on the feet, the question is debated: fashion or fashion faux pas?

We can say that Vanessa Hudgens does nothing like everyone else. To beat the dictates of fashion, the actress discovered in High School Musical does as she pleases, and she is right. At a time when society dictates our lives a little too much, Vanessa Hudgens gives herself the right to look good, and we should all do the same. Besides, remember Zendaya in socks on the red carpet, she too was not afraid to assume her fashion choices. We all have our guilty pleasures, and apparently, Vanessa Hudgens’ one is “ugly” but comfortable shoes. Isn’t that the most important thing when buying shoes?

Les UGG Classic Ultra Mini

Does Vanessa Hudgens have a taste for controversial shoes, or does she prioritize comfort above all else? We had already seen him with Crocs on his feet. Ultra comfortable shoes it seems, but which hurts the eyes indeed. Anyway, tastes and colors… At a time when the Covid has relaunched the trend of “comfort above all” with the back from jogging for all, we can say that Vanessa Hudgens is completely in the theme with her UGG Classic Ultra Mini (which she wears with jogging!). While it is accused of fashion faux pas, it would actually totally in the trend of the moment.

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Comfort before style? That is the question !

Trendy or not, Vanessa Hudgens proudly wears her UGG Classic Ultra Mini. The main thing is to take responsibility for your choices, isn’t it? Ending up with blisters after spending the day perched on Louboutin 10s, or spending a day cocooning in UGGs, personally our choice is quickly made and on this one, we are fully in the Vanessa team! But if you need help finding a shoe that suits you, you can always take a look at the 2022 winter sales! In any case, don’t forget that comfort and style are completely compatible, in our time we should no longer have to choose between the two.

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