Van Gaal believes in World Cup win: “If you can imagine that, you can also do it on the field”

Louis van Gaal believes in a successful World Cup for the Dutch national team. The national coach of Orange stated this on Wednesday during his first press conference on Qatari soil.

Van Gaal admits at the press conference that the Orange may not have the best players of all countries at the World Cup. “But I believe in team building and tactics,” says the choice lord. ‘Then we can go far. We also need luck,” said Van Gaal.

The trainer says that he also believes in imagination. “I’m talking about becoming world champion. If you can imagine that, you can do it on the field. We have the players who can execute the tactical plan,” said Van Gaal.

Warm temperatures in Qatar

During the press conference it was also about the warm temperature in Qatar. Van Gaal indicates that he is happy with the facilities in the country. “I’ve been here before as coach of Bayern Munich. I know that everything is perfectly arranged here, that’s not the problem. The facilities are top notch, couldn’t be better. And if you say something about the air conditioning, they turn it down. There’s no questioning that, that’s great.’

The fact that it is so hot in Qatar could be a disadvantage for a country like the Netherlands. Although: ‘That is not an advantage for people from a frog country, but we also have higher temperatures in the Netherlands these days. We knew it would be a factor. Next week it will probably be less hot and there is air conditioning in the stadium, so we assume that it has been arranged.’

The coming days will be all about acclimatization for the players of the Dutch national team, Van Gaal explains. “The players need to recover from all the travelling. The players left for the Netherlands and then from the Netherlands to Qatar. That can cost a lot of energy. It also depends on whether you can manage it yourself. The first three days I’m mainly working on that, I think it’s going well.’

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