Van der Vaart saw the look in Blind’s eyes: “I thought: he won’t run for another second for Schreuder”

Rafael van der Vaart saw during the second half of FC Emmen-Ajax a few Ajax players who apparently no longer went for it. He zooms in on the Daley Blind, seeing a certain look in his eye.

“I think some almost sabotaged it on purpose in the second half. That’s what it looked like,” he says Studio Football. “Daley Blind came in and I saw the look in his eyes. I thought, well, he’s so angry. He doesn’t run a second in front of Schreuder. You can see in his eyes: nice then, he’s gone too. We all know his qualities and I have nothing against that boy, but I saw something in his eyes.’

Colleague Ibrahim Afellay does not go along with Van der Vaart’s story about the – or so it seemed according to the former Ajax player – sabotage. “I don’t believe players want to play badly on purpose, but I get the point. When you looked at Blind, it almost looked like a job refusal. He did the strangest things. Even on the ball he made so many wrong choices.’

One thing is clear to Alfred Schreuder at Ajax, Afellay believes. “He’s completely lost control. Ultimately, the trainer is ultimately responsible. You cannot switch all players. Nor is it an incident. You are outplayed against RKC in the first half and you give away an awful lot of chances against Vitesse. A trainer is responsible for setting up the team.’

Responsibility at Ajax players


Van der Vaart does not want to point too much at the trainer and hopes for more responsibility from the Ajax players. ‘You play against FC Emmen, you know what to do, don’t you? Let’s say that everyone who plays at Ajax thinks they are one of the best. Against these kinds of teams it doesn’t matter at all whether we are on the bench or Schreuder. As a player you have your own responsibility. You have to give everything.’

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