Vampire Krejčí wanted to commit suicide: Because of an unfaithful wife!

The car ended up in a creek and Vampires were found by called-up police in the woods. He inhaled 2.7 per mille. “We left for a car crash shortly after twenty-one o’clock. There was an impact into the concrete bridge over the stream in Mirošovice. The vehicle ended up on its side in a creek and had to be rescued by firefighters. The sixty-six-year-old driver was tracked down in a nearby forest with a minor injury, “said police officer Barbora Schneeweissová. According to her, the police handed over the driver to the emergency medical service for treatment. The exact causes and circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the Prague-Rural South police. “Criminal proceedings have been initiated in the case on suspicion of committing a crime under the influence of an addictive substance,” the policewoman specified. Drivers face up to three years in prison. All because of the despair of the beloved woman’s infidelity.

Václav Upír Krejčí: Náhlovský received visitors at the gas station!

From personal working relationships

“They originally had a business together,” he says Tailor history of the relationship with Tichý. “His wife forbade him to associate with my wife for years, she probably knew why. But she died suddenly and he began to manipulate Zuzana. He aroused compassion in her, he wanted to help her and she helped him as a Samaritan, “describes the Vampire, how infidelity occurred. “My beloved wife is throwing me out of the house now,” he complained desperately. “I wanted to die!” But Vašek survived the accident with only small abrasions, but he has a lot of problems. “Most of all, I wanted people to know I wasn’t drunk. He just overflowed the cup and I didn’t want to live. ”Architect Tichý was playing tennis yesterday. “I’m not obliged to tell you something, “he replied to a question in the Aha! strictly

He has to pack up and drop out

Next to the cottage where the case took place, the couple have a beautiful house in Řepy with a recording studio. They once bought a barabizna in the village of Hředle for three hundred thousand, which they reconstructed and sold well. For the money raised, they just bought a large century-old barn in Řepy. The reconstruction lasted 8 years and required a mortgage, which is already repaid. “And now Zuzana is telling me to get out,” the Vampire sighed.

Sudden death of politician Michalika. How many Procházka are cassating for the life fight and accident of Vampire Krejčí

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