Valeria Schapira reflected on her mother’s suicide due to depression: "I’ve learned to see beauty in horror"

After the return of Gaston pauls to driving “Free Beings” by Chronicle HD, Valeria Schapira She was invited to the cycle and moved everyone by making visible the different forms that depression takes in a person when referring to the unexpected suicide of her mother.

It has taken a whole process, but not mine because I never had taboos, for me things are as they are. We put the qualifiers. I have learned to see beauty, in horror too. It sounds weird because there is beauty in everything. There is beauty in coming out of hell. It took me many years for the mandate of the family. Geographically remote I decided to count because it is going to help the other, and helping the other helps me at the same time”, the journalist began in the cycle.

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Schapira spoke about the silent depression that her mother had after her father’s death: “My mother jumped off the balcony and I found her. Me I never saw my mom depressed. That is why we must talk about silent depression. People think that to be depressed is to be lying in bed with padding. My mom had lost her partner, my dad, and mom went on with her life, no one thought this could happen“.

The journalist invited reflection and accompaniment in “Free Beings”.

The communicator referred to the different forms that this disorder can take: “Depression It can be the sad person or it can be the person who is high up. My mother was planning a dinner that day. I was rebuilding everything. Talking it is a relief to me. Everybody they have to be attentive to their people because that day I was going to have a snack with my mother. When was my mom depressed and I didn’t know about it?“.

No one noticed. Not the people who worked with her. We come from a society in which we have to be fine. They see you on the street and ask you “Is everything okay?” With no margin to say no. You have to have an empathic listening. It is also very arbitrary to try to get into someone’s head “, added.

And he closed by validating everyone’s emotional pain:When my dog ​​died three years ago … I died with him! It is not that I did not know the pain but I felt that I was dying with it. And people have to have respect for each other’s pain. Sometimes you have to go through the dark night to be reborn. Society is changing and we are a little encouraged to feel vulnerable and that allows us to talk about these issues. I really appreciate people who are encouraged to show their pain“.

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