Valentina Nappi very hard with Vittorio Sgarbi: “She doesn’t understand what a pair of added functors is, she can’t understand Brunelleschi”

Valentina Nappi as Marina Abramovich? Word of Vittorio Sgarbi. After the performance of the hard actress al Contemporary Art Museum of Casoria, in the province of Naples, the art critic gave a positive opinion. Meanwhile, the performance: what did it consist of? In a “smell Valentina Nappi”. The spectators / users waited with spasmodic calm for their turn for sniff, without time limits, among other things, any part of Nappi’s body. When we say it all, we are talking about every part of the body that is visible and approachable by a common nose. From the face to the armpits, from the vagina to the anus and down to the feet. In short, a sort of gang bang at in a demure and intellectual form. Sgarbi commented positively saying that Nappi “can take courses in hygienic eroticism, and educate young people about sexual cleansing”. And he compared her to the famous arista. The porn star’s reaction? Not good: “He has no understanding of art from the historical avant-gardes onwards and in reality he cannot even understand the Renaissance: his three in mathematics condemn him to not being able to really grasp the sensitivity of a Brunelleschi or a Piero della Francesca. How can someone who does not have the cognitive hardware to understand speak of harmony (even if he tries to study it for years) what is a pair of added functors? ”, His words to Mowmag.


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