‘Vai na Fé’: stay on top of the story, find out who’s who in the new 7 o’clock soap opera and see photos!

New seven o’clock soap opera by Globo, “Vai na Fé” premieres this Monday (16) with an evangelical protagonist, Sol (Sheron Menezzes), and a large black representation. Despite this characteristic of the girl, a seller of takeaway food, the author, Rosane Svartman, denies that the story is evangelical/religious. Successor to “Cara e Coragem”, “Vai na Fé” also marks the debut of Jean Paulo Campos, Cirilo from “Carrossel” (SBT, 2012) on Globo and features singers such as MC Cabelinho and Azzy.

The new plot of the seven mixes humor with everyday themes, passing through romances and the arrival of classes with less economic power to college, through Jenifer (Bella Campos), eldest daughter of Sol and rival of influencer Guiga (Mel Maya). The abusive relationship will also be addressed, with Clara (Regiane Alves), wife of the villain Theo (Emilio Dantas).

Novel ‘Vai na Fé’: Lui Lorenzo falls in love with Sol

In the midst of all these plots there is still room for the musical part with pop singer Lui Lorenzo (José Loreto). The artist has already accumulated bubblegum hits in his career, but now he is not as successful as before. Conqueror, he is Érica’s ex (Letícia Salles), a singer who spares no effort to get along.

During the plot, Lui, son of actress Wilma and singer Fábio, will meet Sol and fall in love with the protagonist when the singer assumes the backing vocals of her group. Check out who’s who in the seven o’clock soap opera and see photos of the characters in the gallery!

Who is who in the soap opera ‘Vai na Fé’?

Solange/Sol (Sheron Menezzes) – A resident of Piedade, a neighborhood in the North Zone of Rio, she is the wife of Carlão (Che Moais) and mother of Jenifer (Bella Campos) and Duda (Manu Estevão). Marlene’s daughter (Elisa Lucinda) sells takeout sandwiches and is also part of the choir of a church, where she met her husband. As a young girl, for participating in funk parties, she was nicknamed “the cat’s cat”. Now, she will see her life change by becoming a singer and dancer.

Carlão (Che Moais) – Married to Sol (Sheron Menezzes), he saw the pandemic cost him his job. Unemployment has turned him into a man who gets angry easily. He will become a delivery man through apps.

Jenifer Daiane (Bella Campos) – Sol’s daughter (Sheron Menezzes) managed to have her effort repaid by winning a scholarship at a renowned college. There, she will face the challenge of the new world, but she will not retreat from her opinions. Despite this, she can hear too. She is a feminist and cannot tolerate seeing her father, Carlão (Che Moais), refuse to help with the housework.

Maria Eduarda, Duda (Manu Estevão) – Youngest daughter of Sol (Sheron Menezzes) and Carlão (Che Moais), who has an unconditional love for her. She is quarrelsome and aggressive with school and neighborhood friends. With time she will see that the fight does not solve everything.

Marlene (Elisa Lucinda) – Sol’s mother (Sheron Menezzes) is not down with the death of her husband, Gonzaga, and helps her daughter with the hot meals. She has a very different personality from her daughter, but this will change over time.

Lumiar (Carolina Dieckmann) – Married to Benjamin (Samuel de Assis), a lawyer like him, the teacher, daughter of Dora (Claudia Ohana) and Fábio (Zé Carlos Machado), has a controlling and methodical personality. Although her name baptizes a place dedicated to peace, she does not identify with anything there.

Benjamin/Ben (Samuel of Assisi) – The lawyer married to Lumiar (Carolina Dieckmann) had an affair in the past with Sol (Sheron Menezzes) and now, when he finds her again, he will be shaken. In professional life, he took over his father’s business after his death.

Fabio (Zé Carlos Machado) – The actor and singer who drew crowds changed his life completely when he met Dora (Claudia Ohana), with whom he set up a refuge in Serra do Rio. He is the father of Lui Lorenzo (José Loreto) and Lumiar (Carolina Dieckmann).

Dora (Claudia Ohana) – She is a holistic therapist who maintains an open relationship with her husband, Fábio (Zé Carlos Machado). Mother of Lumiar (Carolina Dieckmann), she finds it difficult to dialogue with her daughter, but the opposite when it comes to anonymous people.

Theo (Emilio Dantas) – Clara’s husband (Regiane Alves) and Rafa’s father (Caio Manhente) has two faces: one that he shows at home and the other, in society. A former law student, he is a friend of Benjamin (Samuel de Assis) and is now a partner of Orpheus (Jonathan Haagensen) in illicit business.

Clara (Regiane Alves) – Theo’s futile wife (Emilio Dantas) will have to face her son’s melancholy problems, Rafa (Caio Manhente), while living an abusive marriage.

Rafael, Rafael (Caio Manhente) – Son of Theo (Emilio Dantas) and Clara (Regiane Alves). A melancholy and sedentary teenager, Rafael often refuses therapy. The way his mother deals with his personality is harmful to the boy. Who manages to get him out of discouragement with life at times is his best friend, Fred (Henrique Barreira).

Helena (Priscila Steinman) – Personal trainer at the gym in Clara’s building (Regiane Alves), with whom he starts to have a close and friendly relationship.

Lui Lorenzo (Jose Loreto) – He is a pop star, son of actress Wilma (Renata Sorrah), his manager, and actor Fábio (Zé Carlos Machado). Heartthrob and seducer, he has several conquests, however that changes with the arrival of Sol (Sheron Menezzes) in his life.

Wilma Campos (Renata Sorrah) – An actress with no qualms when it comes to talking, she has a brilliant career in cinema, theater and TV. Mother of Lui (José Loreto), she takes care of the artist’s career.

Vitinho (Luis Lobianco) – Alongside Sol (Sheron Menezzes) and Bruna (Carla Cristina Cardoso), he attended funk dances in the 2000s. Today he is an MC, but he is not successful. He is a creative artist who becomes the composer of Lui’s (José Loreto) songs.

Erika (Leticia Salles) – Sensual and bad, she was a singer and dancer on Lui’s team (José Loreto), and also had an affair with the singer. When she leaves the team, fired, she starts to spread gossip on social networks, even speaking the lie.

Anthony Summer (Orlando Caldeira) – Journalist who has a nose for good news. Ethics will be put aside when he meets Érika (Leticia Salles).

Ivy (Azzy) – Dancer and singer from Lui Lorenzo’s team (José Loreto) pretends to be someone who is never aware of what happens around her, but is exactly the opposite. Will do everything possible to stay in the group.

Naira (Tati Villela) – It is the security of Lui Lorenzo (José Loreto).

Jairo (Lucas Oradovski) – Bodyguard of Lui Lorenzo (José Loreto) with a somewhat macho personality.

Isabela/Bela (Clara Serrão) – Coming from the interior of Minas Gerais, you will feel the difference with the big city. Will fall in love with Fred (Henrique Barreira), representative of another social class

Frederico/Fred (Henrique Barreira) – He is the one who leads the DCE despite clashing with fellows. He will also undergo a personality change over time.

Otávio/Tatá (Gabriel Contente) – Born in the periphery and a student at a private school, he got a scholarship to college, where he meets Jenifer (Bella Campos), with whom he will fall in love.

Yuri (Jean Paulo Campos) – Another law student who will fall in love with Jenifer (Bella Campos). She has a hard time expressing her feelings.

Guilhermina/Guiga (Mel Maia) – Futile and arrogant influencer who manages to earn money from social networks. Law student will be involved in scandal with corrupt father.

Simas (Marcos Veras) – Colleague since youth of Ben (Samuel de Assis) and Theo (Emilio Dantas), the owner of a bar near the college dates the university student Bia (Flora Camolese).

Bia (Flora Camolese) – She will be an intern at the law firm of Ben (Samuel de Assis) and Lumiar (Carolina Dieckmann).

Sabrina (Cris Werson) – Bia’s mother (Flora Camolese) decides to go to Simas’ (Marcos Veras) bar when her daughter starts having fights with her boyfriend.

Bruna (Carla Cristina Cardoso) – Sol’s youth friend (Sheron Menezzes), Kate’s single mother (Clara Moneke) does everything to raise her daughter. The girl’s father has now formed another family and only pays the alimony under threat of being arrested.

Kate (Clara Moneke) – Young daughter of Bruna (Carla Cristina) made a promise to herself: to have a future different from her mother’s. Therefore, she ends up gradually overcoming the barrier of morality.

Hugo (MC Cabelinho) – Kate’s ex (Clara Moneke) is now involved in the world of crime.

Orpheus (Jonathan Haagensen) – Hugo’s godfather (MC Cabelinho) already dealt drugs and was arrested. Now he wants to change his life, but becomes involved with Theo’s (Emilio Dantas) illicit business.

Bryan Lucas (Felipe Rodrigues) – He is the faithful friend of Duda (Manu Estevão), but starts to feel left out when Gil (Nego Ney) arrives in the neighborhood.

Gil (Nego Ney) – Introverted boy who is raised by his grandfather after the death of his parents.

Meire (Nathalia Costa) – She will be best friends with Duda (Manu Estevão).

Neide (Neyde Braga) – Colleague of Marlene (Elisa Lucinda), grandmother of Bryan (Felipe Rodrigues) and mother of Joel (Waldo Piano) goes to the same church as Sol (Sheron Menezzes).

Joel (Waldo Piano) – He is Bryan’s father (Felipe Rodrigues) who raises his son alone. Colleague of Carlão (Che Moais) and, like him, a delivery application driver.

Miguel (Adriano Canider) – He is the pastor of the church that Sol’s family (Sheron Menezzes) attends. Responsible for performing various social works.

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