Václav Upír Krejčí (66) accident bill: 35,000 in a row!

In addition to him, there were also police officers, volunteer firefighters at the place where Václav crashed and sent a car into the stream, and his wife Zuzana (52) and her daughter also came from the cottage, which is about 150 meters from this place. “It simply came to my notice then. I’ll probably never see the money. In addition, I am sorry for the destroyed new car, I gave it under the tree, “ he said Tailor annoyed by the diary Aha !. On the other hand, he was moved by people’s offers. “They invite me to go live with them, and one gentleman even offered to rent me a car for half a year. Thank you very much, “ added the Vampire.

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After all, his lawyer forbade him to talk about plans and feelings on Monday. “I just want to say I’m waiting for my wife to decide. I think I have the right to return to our house. I have children in it. Maybe I’ll just have to live in another part, “ Tailor thinks out loud. He really wishes he and his wife could get back together.

She throws him out of the house

Next to the cottage where the case took place, the couple have a beautiful house in Řepy with a recording studio. The reconstruction lasted 8 years and required a mortgage, which is already repaid. “And now Zuzana is telling me to drop out,” the Vampire sighed.

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What happened

According to Václav, he drank an ex bottle from the cottage and got in the car because he wanted to scare his wife Zuzana out of infidelity. “I had no reason to live anymore.” the actor admitted to the daily Aha !. The car ended up in a creek and was found by police in the woods. He inhaled 2.7 per mille. “Criminal proceedings have been instituted on suspicion of committing an offense under the influence of an addictive substance,” the policewoman specified. Drivers face up to three years in prison.

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