Vaccination – Watch the video posted by rapper Booba who caused his Twitter account to be suspended for several hours before the social network backtracked – Video

The account of rapper Booba was temporarily suspended this Saturday by Twitter, for non-compliance with the rules in force on the platform: “The hour is serious my friends !!! Following my post yesterday on twitter showing our heads of ‘state in the act of lying about the antidote, my account has been blocked! “, said the rapper, through another account, on Instagram.

According to a screenshot published by the artist, Twitter would have judged his profile photo – Darth Vader – too violent for the standards of the platform.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, quoted by Le Parisien, the account was temporarily suspended for having violated “the policy on sensitive media” (violent images, bloody scenes or call to hatred).

Strange justification for Twitter which seems totally missing the point. In fact, for some time now Booba has been increasing attacks on the government’s vaccination strategy and vaccine safety.

He has posted several messages in recent hours asking questions about vaccinations, but also a video montage that suggests you look above.

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