Vaccination orders for paramedics is on the decline, but … First seniors!

Yesterday, the Government Council for Health Risks spoke out in favor of compulsory vaccination of seniors. “A proposal was made, which the council supported, that seniors over the age of 60 must also be vaccinated. Because this age group is most at risk, “ said the resigned Prime Minister Andrej Babis (67, YES). The outgoing government is to make the final decision next week. According to Babiš, if they order it, the seniors could be fully vaccinated as early as February 1.

How to do it?

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Although over 4.5 million people have two doses in the risk age group and another half a million in the third booster dose, it is estimated that there are still around 400,000 unvaccinated people in their 60s in the Czech Republic. And how Aha! said the head of the Association of General Practitioners Petr Sonka, getting the unvaccinated to change their minds can be a tough nut to crack. “I can’t imagine what it looks like. I don’t know how to force them to do that. “ he said. In addition, practitioners are already overwhelmed by the administration of third doses of vaccines. “We’re not in a position to call someone.” added.

Selected professions

In addition, mandatory vaccinations would not have to end only for seniors. The government has also been dealing with vaccinations of certain occupational groups since Monday. According to the resigned Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (35, for YES), these could include health professionals and social workers. But Babiš also talked about soldiers, policemen or firefighters. Representatives of the future governing coalition have so far opposed vaccination by order. She should present her covide strategy today.

Soldiers, firefighters and paramedics

Making vaccination mandatory could be a problem for social workers. According to the Association of Social Service Providers, about a quarter of employees do not have homes for the elderly, who could then leave the industry. According to the president of the Czech Medical Chamber Milan Kubek, 88% of doctors and 81% of nurses have the vaccine, and if it were to be mandatory for all, the unvaccinated minority would reportedly submit. “If it is a condition, the train will not pass,” said Kubek Aha !. For example, in the army, the level of experience is around 85% and the Chief of General Staff Aleš Opata (57) has no problem with compulsory vaccinations. And the firefighters even call him. “As a church, we can’t afford to get sick, who else would provide security?” Aha said! their spokesman Rudolf Kramář. According to him, over 76% of church members are vaccinated. And how to order it all? According to the resigned Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (57, YES), a ministerial decree will suffice …

Quarantine and tests for people with the vaccine?

The data show that people with the vaccine are much better protected against covid. They don’t have to quarantine and go for tests. But the state is considering change. According to the outgoing Minister of Health Vojtěch, people with a vaccine who have a positively tested member in the household may soon be sent for tests. “Colleagues are currently analyzing how this could be set up,” said the department’s chief. For a change, Babiš is also resigned. “I’d be in favor,” he said over the weekend. And a change could also occur in the ordered quarantine. Vaccinated people who have two weeks from the completed application of the serum do not have to start it, with an exception. That would soon not be the case either. When should the change possibly take effect? That is not clear yet. Vojtěch only wants to present this at a government meeting next week.

Emergency “boosted”

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At yesterday’s meeting, the governors agreed with the outgoing Babiš government that an emergency situation in the Czech Republic is not needed yet. “Rather, it would be appropriate to amend the pandemic law so that it could allow certain processes to be activated in the affected regions,” the head of the regional association and South Bohemian governor Martin Kuba (48, ODS) wrote on Twitter. Nevertheless, yesterday, the Zlín Region decided to limit social life in the region to 14 days. He wants to ban events for more than 100 people from next week.

Covid-19 Currently

6,266,691 FULLY VACCINED BOHEMIA During the pandemic, the disease was confirmed in 2,018,069 Czechs, adding 14,480 on Tuesday. 5434 people are hospitalized with covid-19, of which 764 are in serious condition. There are currently 1,768 confirmed cases per 100,000 population in the last 14 days and 1,029 per week. 6,266,691 people are fully vaccinated, ie 58.55% of the Czech population. The data is valid as of yesterday at 8 o’clock in the morning.

They will buy 14 million tests in schools

The State Material Reserves Administration (SSHR) has awarded a contract to purchase 13.79 million antigen tests. Pupils in schools have to test against Covid-19 with them. 44 companies have a range of tests registered in the purchasing system. You now have ten days to send in offers. The winner should deliver the first part of the tests on December 8, the last at the end of January, “said the head of the SSHR Pavel Švagr. From December 6 to the end of February, 12 rounds of testing should take place in schools. Photo Aha! – Tonda Tran

President Caputova: We need a lockdown

The country is in such a bad situation that it needs a lockdown. Slovak President Zuzana Čapunová (48, pictured) thinks so. There were 3,182 covid patients in Slovak hospitals on Monday, of whom almost 83 percent were not vaccinated at all or fully. On the same day, 66 people died in Slovakia in connection with coronavirus, the most in one day since mid-April this year. More than 6,700 new infections were added. Photo now

Requests for money are delayed by law

The financial administration cannot yet accept applications from entrepreneurs for the compensation bonus, which was approved by the government on Monday. The relevant law must first be discussed by Parliament. It will be possible to apply retrospectively for the contribution for the period from 22 November to the end of the year. Entrepreneurs will be able to apply for up to CZK 1,000 per day. For those who work on the basis of an agreement on the performance of work or work activities, the contribution will be 500 crowns per day. The support is aimed at companies that will fall by 30 percent or more.

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