Vaccination obligation, scientists in unison against the fine of 100 euros. “Grotesque antics”, “It makes me laugh”, “Teasing for the vaccinated”

One hundred euros of many only one, issued by the Revenue Agency, for over-50s who from 1 February onwards will still be without even a dose of anti-Covid vaccine. There sanction which implements the first generalized vaccination obligation by age group – introduced with the decree-law approved on Wednesday in the Council of Ministers – will be rather modest, so much so that many insiders ask themselves which one dissuasive effect may have against the most hardened no vax. The most bitter is the virologist of the San Raffaele in Milan Roberto Burioni: “To give a one-off fine (€ 100) to those who evade the vaccination obligation more or less equivalent to two parking restrictions (41 € x2) makes the obligation itself one grotesque antics. Sorry to see you come from a government that thought it was serious. I hope I have misunderstood ”, he tweets. While the president of the Gimbe foundation, Nino Cartabellotta, compares the amount to that of other minor traffic offenses: “Driving without a seat belt: up to 323 euro. Phones and electronic devices while driving: 165 to 661 euro. Compulsory vaccine refusal: 100 euros “.

Very hard too Massimo Galli, former head of infectious diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan: “If someone with 100 euros gets rid of the problem of getting vaccinated, it makes me laugh. I find it an absolutely ridiculous fine, and this measure will not lead to the desired result “, he tells theAdnKronos Health. “It is a mockery, it is not a decree for the obligation to vaccinate, it is a real mockery for the vaccinated”, relaunches Matteo Bassetti of the San Martino di Genova. “For me, perhaps they looked better off doing nothing. Clearly it is a measure of little common sense, the result of pre-election political mediation of the President of the Republic “. For the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, medical director of the Galeazzi Hospital, the fine is nothing more than “a declaration of intent, an acknowledgment of the State’s interest in reiterating the need to vaccinate for the collective interest. But what works is the green pass “. While for Filippo Anelli, president of the Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), it is “a scarcely convincing sanction that does not lead to compliance with the rules”.

Skeptical too Pier Luigi Lopalco, Professor of Hygiene at the University of Salento and former Health Councilor of the Puglia region: “It is useless to comment on the vaccination obligation for over 50s. He may have one individual valence to protect those few Italians who are over 50 and have not taken any dose of vaccine. And they haven’t already caught Covid. And they won’t go to a lawyer. I forgot: given the timing of application of the decree, the effects will be seen in the next wave“, He writes on Facebook. On the same social network he unleashes Martina Benedetti, the 19-year-old Tuscan nurse who became famous during the first wave by publishing the photo of her face marked by the mask: “€ 100, the price of our health. Of our lives. Of the sacrifices we have been making for two years, especially we health workers (unique, among other things, for which there is a real vaccination obligation). For the umpteenth time we frontliners will be cleaning up all the mud deriving from the absence of strong and courageous decisions. Absurd choices that will fall on our backs already burdened by two years of fatigue “, he writes.

On social media, then, many remember how no vaxes are – in most cases – already used to spending well over one hundred euros every month to guarantee i tampons which allow them to access the workplace. And one compares the Italian sanction with those provided for in the other two States also have introduced the obligation: in Austria from 1 February there is a risk of € 600 every three months of default (therefore up to € 2,400 per year) while in Greece the unvaccinated will have to pay 100 euros every month, starting from January 16th. The amount is also lower than the penalty provided for workers who will go to the office from 15 February without a reinforced green pass (from 600 to 1,500 euros) as well as that for those who, from 20 January, access services such as post offices or banks without basic green pass (from 400 to 1,000 euros).

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