V wrote a moving letter to ARMY for BTS hiatus

BTS recently announced that they would be taking an indefinite hiatus from their activities as a group and will begin to focus on their individual careers. For this reason, V did not miss the opportunity to send a letter to ARMY thanking them for all their support and explaining the reasons for the group’s decision.

taehyung of bts Wrote one letter on their fans through Weverse after the news of the group’s hiatus. In this letter, the idol talked about the group’s past and future and how he hopes for ARMY’s support.

V from BTS. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

ARMY couldn’t help but be saddened by the news of BTS’s indefinite hiatus, who recently returned with a compilation album called Proof. Their new song Yet to Come was an advance announcement to talk about how the group would start to focus on their individual careers and that they would return as a more mature and improved group.

For this reason, Taehyung sought to communicate with his fans through a sweet letter on Weverse, which made his fans shed a couple of tears because of how touching it was. What did he say in his letter?

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Taehyung talked about BTS’s past and future in a sweet letter to ARMY

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have taken the opportunity to communicate with their fans through different platforms. In the case of V, the idol took the opportunity to write a sweet letter that touched the heart of ARMY.

In his letter, the idol talked about how each of the members have different personalities and tastes. And that despite the fact that they may have disagreements between them, their feelings towards ARMY will always be the same.

He also mentioned that for the past nine years they have worked tirelessly for BTS, together with their joint end of a ‘us’. But in the process they began to neglect each other individually. Although there was always happiness, all of his sacrifice was also accompanied by exhaustion.

For that reason, now that they will be focused on so individual They will seek to grow as people and show their affection and love for ARMY more to return as an improved BTS.

The purple thread (of fate) that binds ARMY and Bangtan is strong and will never break. In the future, I hope that you will join us and continue to see (our bond) deepen and become even stronger.

Taehyung’s letter on Weverse. // Source: Twitter @woogasquad5

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ARMY replied to V with a nice letter of support for BTS in their new projects

Through Weverse, an ARMY wrote a special letter to the BTS members, saying that it was okay that they decided to take a break, that everyone had worked very hard, and not to feel bad for ARMY at the time. She also mentioned that ARMY was not just a fan of BTS, but of them as a person and that they would support them in whatever path they decided to take.

This tender letter reached the members of BTS, as Taehyung took the opportunity to respond with a thank you for his words. Without a doubt, this is very hard news for ARMY to hear, but they know that there is still a lot to see from the boys. What activities are you most looking forward to from BTS in their solo careers?

In other news, BTS announced an indefinite hiatus from the group, what did they say?

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