V had fun playing with filters and listening to Jack In The Box

The members of BTS may not have much free time, but whenever they find a moment to distract you, they do not waste it. Like Taehyung, who started playing with Instagram filters while listening to various Jack In The Box songs.

v of BTS is one of the most active members of Instagram and never misses an opportunity to surprise ARMY with stories on the platform. On this occasion, he tried several filters from Instagram while listening jack in the box.

Taehyung shared several Instagram stories a few hours ago. // Source: Twitter @kthprettyhands

ARMY was completely delighted with the recent stories of taehyung on Instagram, where he proved to be an expert in the use of filters, while in the background he was listening to his partner J-Hope’s new album. What filters did the idol use?

Taehyung is currently appearing with his group of friends the Wooga Squad on the show In the Soop: Friendcation, where in addition to performing the OST, he has spent unforgettable moments with Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, Choi Woo Shik and Peakboy. Did you see it?

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Taehyung tried different Instagram filters and amused ARMY

Through Instagram stories, taehyung of BTS shared how he has fun with filters of the application and showed a series of videos to ARMY while listening to J-Hope’s new album in the background. Of course a video with a filter in which he appears on fire was set to Arson, the lead single from jack in the box.

  • Taehyung using a fire filter on Instagram. // Source: Instagram @thv

On the other hand, Taehyung also tried a filter in which his face was completely erased and replaced with different emoticons, such as ‘:D’ making his followers laugh with the funny faces that the idol had.

  • Taehyung using emoji filter. // Source: Instagram @thv

Lastly, Taehyung used a filter where his face appeared full of glitter along with the ears and nose of a puppy, touching fans with his serious expression while using the filter.

  • V using a dog filter. // Source: Instagram @thv

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BTS’s V Shares One Of His Favorite Jack In The Box Songs

Taehyung is one of the members of BTS who has enjoyed J-Hope’s Jack In The Box the most, for that reason he shared in his Instagram stories the capture what are you listening to safety zone, as one of his recommendations from his partner’s album to fans. What did you think of J-Hope’s Safety Zone?

Instagram screenshot of Taehyung from BTS. // Source: Instagram @thv

In other news, Taehyung participated with the Wooga Squad in the OST of In the Soop: Friendcation, have you heard it yet?

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