V from BTS uploaded new photos from Paris and made ARMY crazy

It’s been a couple of days since BTS’s Taehyung came to France. Although the idol has not revealed the reasons for his trip, he has been in charge of sharing with ARMY a few photos that he has taken in the place, especially in his hotel room. The most recent Instagram stories of him made ARMY scream with excitement, do you want to know why?

ARMY continues anxious to know what is what taehyung is doing in Paris. Meanwhile, without giving a clear answer to his questions, the idol has not hesitated to share Photos on their Instagram stories.

BTS’s Taehyung shared new photos on Instagram from Paris. // Source: Instagram @thv

All year long, the BTS members have been focusing on their solo careers. In the case of Taehyung, the idol showed great interest in the world of fashion and had several important photo shoots for different magazines. In addition to that, in the middle of the year he was a special guest of the CELINE brand at Fashion Week in Paris, they even sent a private jet so that the idol could travel to the French capital.

Since then, taehyung He has not stopped demonstrating his love for the City of Light, which he has visited several times during the year and enjoyed its tourist attractions. But what is she currently doing there? The idol revealed quite a bit in his recent stories of instagram.

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Taehyung demonstrated how to enjoy a hotel in Paris with his Instagram stories

Through his Instagram account, Taehyung wanted to update his fans on what he’s been up to in Paris and shared photos of the room of hotel where you are currently staying.

In one of the photos he shared, you can see only half of his face, since it is a selfies in the mirror. The structure and decoration of the hotel is also very noticeable, giving an elegant and Parisian style, as if it were a palace from several centuries ago. To the story he added a cute gif of Winnie the Pooh.

  • Taehyung posing in front of a mirror. // Source: Instagram @thv

However, the photo that left the greatest impression on ARMY was the one in which the shadow of taehyung In one of the mirrors, although the image is not clear, you can see the figure of the idol, who seems not to be wearing a shirt at that moment. He also added a gif of Marge Simpson’s face with a serious expression. Can you see her Photo here:

  • Shadow of BTS Taehyung’s body in a mirror. // Source: Instagram @thv

Finally, the Christmas Tree interpreter also decided to share a photo in which his feet appear on a scale, where you can see that V currently weighs 63.4 kg. Did you already know his current weight?

  • BTS Taehyung’s current weight. // Source: Instagram @thv

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When will BTS’s V return to South Korea?

So far, they have not revealed what the next steps of taehyung from BTS. Since his schedule is unknown, fans want to know what he is working on or if he just decided to take a well-deserved vacation after a long year filled with solo and group projects.

On the other hand, ARMY maintains the hope that in the next few hours V will take a flight to qatar, this to be present during the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup, where Jungkook from BTS will present his new song for the sports party. Are you ready to see Jungkook tomorrow at the event? For that reason, it is not yet known when the idol will return to Korea.

In other news, Taehyung surpassed Mariah Carey as the king of Christmas on Spotify thanks to Christmas Tree, did you hear?

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