Users criticize new Titanic poster: “Why does Kate Winset have two different hairstyles?”

Titanic will release a remastered version in 3D for its twenty-fifth anniversary and, of course, several users of social networks have raised a cry in heaven for a detail in the new poster: the hair of actress Kate Winset.

On February 10 of this year, the legendary film Titanic will return to movie theaters around the world in 3D and remastered, something that millions of fans of the 1997 romantic drama were longing for. The film, starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winset, marked an era and took 11 Oscars (had 14 nominations).

Although the world premiere of Titanic occurred on November 1, 1997 at the Tokyo International Film Festival, on December 19 of that same Americans were able to see the drama for the first time in theaters and in January 1998 it was released. extended to other countries, thus becoming the third highest grossing in history.

“Why do you have two different hairstyles?

25 years after its premiere, Paramount Pictures released a new remastered Titanic poster and it didn’t take long for users to notice a detail that puzzled them: Kate’s hair, Winslet, actress who played Rose.

One of the users who made her surprise evident on Twitter was the writer Hunter Harris. “Why do you have two different hairstyles?” she posted, before the tweet was viewed 23 million times. “A side part right next to the middle part…don’t do that to it”, referred later.

His colleague, the writer George Griffiths, did not want to be left behind. “It really stresses me out how Kate Winslet has two different hairstyles here.”

“This poster is a mess and I can’t believe someone actually approved it. Look at Kate Winslet’s hair. Two different hairstyles on each side of the head”, another user opined.

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