USA: California woman pleads guilty to killing her three children

A woman in California (USA) pleaded guilty to killing three of his children: 12-year-old Natalie, and 8-year-old twins Nathan and Kevin.

According to , the crime was carried out with the help of his other 16-year-old son. The woman was identified as Angela Dawn Flores, who admitted to the murders.

On social media, it was seen that Angela was a normal mother and worked at a construction company in Kansas City.

It was known that Angela Dawn Flowers He moved three months ago from the house where the events took place. According to neighbors, the family often went out for bike rides.

The bodies were found on Mother’s Day in the United States, May 8. Los Angeles officer Matthew Cruz said they received a 911 call.

Paramedics stated that the children had died at the scene. Neighbors said the mother was nervous Saturday night. The woman “lit a candle and took out a bible”, raving in the patio of her house.

Neighbors called paramedics and the woman was carried from her home on a stretcher on Saturday.

It is not yet known what happened to the woman, but on Sunday she and her teenage son were searching the houses of their neighbors.

She was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation, where she confessed to her crime and noted that her son helped her.


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