USA, attack on a gay disco in Colorado: five dead and 18 injured

Five dead and 18 people injured. News comes from Colorado of an attack on a gay nightclub, Club Q, where a person opened fire. According to police reports Colorado Springs the shooting occurred shortly after 1 a.m. local time. “We’ve located a person we believe is the suspect, he’s in custody, he’s injured“, added, reports CNN, the police lieutenant Pamela Castro which has not yet provided elements on a possible motive. A post from the club managers on Facebook: “Club Q is devastated by the senseless attack on our community. Our prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims, their families and friends. Thank you for the quick reactions of heroic customers who overpowered the gunman and put an end to this hate attack.” In 2016, a Florida man attacked a club in Orlando, killing 50 people and injuring 53.

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