US, four officers accused of the death of Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old killed during a raid on her home by the police

The four agents involved in the death of Breonna Taylor were arrested on charges of committing crimes against i civil rightsillegal conspiracy, unconstitutional use of the force and offenses of obstruction for hindering the investigations aimed at ascertaining what really happened to the 26-year-old health worker. The federal accusations follow the local acquittal of the agents, a measure that had sparked the anger of the American public opinion. The attorney general reported the arrest of the agents Merrick Garland at a press conference.

It was March 2020 when the agents broke into the home of Breonna Taylorwho was sleeping with her boyfriend at her home in Louisville, in Kentucky. Not understanding what was happening and not realizing it was the police, Taylor’s partner – Kenneth Walker – shot and shot one of the officers in the leg. The agents responded by firing 32 shotsmany of whom they reached and killed Taylor. So far only one officer involved in the raid, the former Louisville detective Brett Hankinsonhad been charged in connection with the case for shooting ten shots during the search. Hankinson was acquitted earlier this year. The others arrested are the former officer Joshua Jaynes and agents Kelly Hanna Goodlett And Kyle Meanyall accused of forgery of a search warrant. Hankinson is accused of using excessive force by opening fire during the raid.

The intervention of the police it was part of an investigation involving Taylor’s boyfriend. He was just the victim’s companion, Jamarcus Glover, in fact, to be wanted by the authorities who accused him of being involved in a drug ring and that he had used Breonna’s apartment to hide the narcotics. However, no drugs were found in the apartment. In 2020 the family Taylor sued the police of Louisville and reached an agreement obtaining compensation of 12 million dollars. After the 26-year-old’s death, protest chants rose against the use of indiscriminate violence against the African American community and racism. Still open, therefore, is the wound caused by the killings of George Floyd in Minnesota and Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and it is unlikely to heal.

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