US arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin: “A lot of requests for missiles are coming. We look to the future with optimism “

The US defense group Lockheed Martin said international customers have “reported interest in precision weapons and aeri ”while Western governments are ready to replenish their stocks and increase defense budgets after the start of hostilities in Ukraine. The company has “a lot of inquiries coming in” on precision weapons, the chief financial officer said today Jay Malave according to what the Financial Times. P.A few days ago the group, which since the start of hostilities in Ukraine has seen its stock market value rise by 12% and reach 115 billion dollars, announced its intention to double the production of Javelin anti-tank missiles bringing it from 2 thousand to 4 thousand units per year at the cost of 256 thousand dollars each.

“International buyers are also enthusiastic about tactical missilesair and missile defense and helicopters, and there is significant demand for both F-16 and F-35 ″ explained Malave adding that the company expects a further increase in demand for F35. Before the war in Ukraine the group invoiced in Europe about 10% of its revenues which are equal to 67 billion dollars. The company’s missile and fire control division “It should deliver strong results in the future,” with renewed demand “reinvigorating growth prospects,” Malave said after the segment’s growth rate had slowed over the past two years. The manager warned that Lockheed Martin is also struggling with problems and slowdowns in the supply chains. However, we look to the future with “optimism” as all indicators point to an upside.

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