urvashi rautela: Urvashi Rautela started 2 exercises together, both workouts increase body strength and provide relief from pain

Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela is taking the attention of millions of people on social media these days for her hard workouts. She is making people aware of fitness by sharing tough workout posts one after the other. Urvashi has so far shared on her social media account everything from Bosu ball training routine to push-up variation, hammer strength belt squat exercise. Recently she has shared another video, in which the actress is seen doing hip mobility exercise. In this article, we are giving you complete information about this exercise, as well as its benefits.

Urvashi gets so many benefits from hip mobility exercise

Urvashi captioned her core workout video, Hip Mobility with Trunk Twist. She is seen doing this exercise with full entertainment and Edward Lu’s famous song ‘Don’t Rush’ is heard in the background. This exercise of his is being liked a lot. She is seen doing this tough workout with great ease. Wearing matching workout tights and a black full-sleeve crop top, Urvashi completed an intense routine that helps her tone her body, build strength and build stability.

New workout included in Urvashi’s routine

Why did Urvashi start 2 exercises together?


The Hip Mobility Workout with Trunk Twist enhances your core strength, stability, flexibility, as well as spine mobility. Do any workout that involves trunk rotation or hip mobility movement that helps increase your range of motion, reduce your risk of injury, and improve daily functional fitness.

Body pain is relieved by this exercise

It also relieves back tension and eases lower back pain. This type of workout improves athletic performance, man power, balance, lower back and hip flexibility, spine mobility and posture. If you want to get rid of all these problems along with staying fit and fine, then include both these exercises in your routine.

Urvashi is taking training for tough workouts to increase strength

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