Urgent – Hillary, star of "Ch’tis" sees her future husband, Giovanni, hit by a car in front of their house!

Definitely, these last few weeks have not been easy for Hillary and her little family. A few weeks ago, Sebydaddy’s ex girlfriend panicked the Web because of a video of her feeling unwell.

Now given all of this, she is in full preparation for her wedding scheduled for in a few days. But then, a tragedy happened last night in Dubai. In a video shared on her Snapchat, Hillary revealed that her boyfriend was hit by a car outside their home. “With Gio, we are going through a very complicated moment. Gio is currently in hospital, he was hit by a car just in front of the house” she announced moved at first.

Then Hillary detailed what happened and added: “Perle crossed the road, Gio saw a car moving very fast, he wanted to protect Perle and suddenly Gio was hit by the car. I found him on the ground in front of the house yesterday (…) Gio saved Perle, he is in the hospital. He was supposed to have surgery today but he lacked the tools so he is having surgery tomorrow. His foot has not been forgiven (…) He has a broken ankle and heel. Trauma contusion everything… he was not spoiled (…) I try to be strong, it could have been so much worse”.

Giovanni also spoke in a video relayed on his social networks as well as those of his future wife. “Friends as you can see I’m in very bad shape, it’s hard I have very very bad pain whether it’s tibia, ankle foot…. It’s hard because I’m getting married soon and I I had a lot of plans that got cancelled. So far they’ve done this to me, we’ll be patient. I just hope to be in time for the wedding.” he said in small form. For the moment, the father of the family has a kind of plaster waiting to go on the operating table. A big scare that could have been fatal…


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