Urbino, at Palazzo Ducale the exhibition dedicated to Federico da Montefeltro 600 years after his birth

New inauguration in the spaces of the National Gallery of the Marche. This time the protagonist is the exhibition entitled “Federico da Montefeltro and Francesco di Giorgio: Urbino crossroads of the arts “, expected from June 23. An opportunity to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the birth of Federico da Montefeltro, the famous Renaissance patron immortalized with his wife in the Diptych, which is kept in the Uffizi. The exhibition was curated by Alessandro Angelini, Gabriele Fattorini and Giovanni Russo and proposes 80 works among paintings, sculptures, drawings, medals, detached frescoes and codes, many of which come from abroad.

“The Duke Federico” – he says Luigi Gallo, the Director of the Gallery – “was able to transform Urbino into a capital of the Renaissance: artists and writers of different origins and origins met at his court, whose mutual influences generate a cultural climate that will have repercussions in the decades to come. That environment, a meeting place for painters like Piero della Francesca, Giusto of Ghent, Pedro Beruguete and Luca Signorelli and for architects Luciano Laurana, Francesco di Giorgio Martini and Donato Bramantewas the land from which the genius of Raffaello and on which, Baldasar Castiglione, modeled the Cortegiano ”. The exhibition will be enriched by the catalog published by Marsilio, which in addition to the photos and cards of the works, will bring the texts of the three curators, the Director Luigi Gallo and other essays.

It will be possible to access the exhibitions at Ducal Palace of Urbino until 9 October 2022, which will be developed through seven different sections. They will be two exhibitions present in the Gallery in that period. To be added is “When they see the requests”, a small exhibition with the reconstruction of six historical clothes of the fifteenth century, therefore the era of the patron, since nothing has been preserved of the fashion objects of that time. Two of these will recall the clothing of the Diptych. In this way we wanted to return the idea of ​​elegance of the Feltre court.

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