Urban rodeos: a difficult phenomenon to counter, recognizes the mayor of Charleroi Paul Magnette

The phenomenon of urban rodeos by car is complicated to counter, estimated the mayor of Charleroi Paul Magnette Monday evening, during the municipal council of the city of Hainaut, in response to a question put to him on the subject.

For the past few months, the phenomenon has been observable in Charleroi in certain areas, which have occasionally become the scene of more or less significant nocturnal gatherings of cars.

According to the councilor who questioned the mayor, Carolo, these gatherings generate a series of nuisances: squealing tires, waste and even degradation around the companies that occupy these areas.

Faced with these rodeos, the police are faced with the difficulties of an event which has no concrete organization and which is likely to move quickly, explained the mayor carolo. He specified that a major control operation had already been carried out in Charleroi a few months ago.

Paul Magnette also indicated that, for the province of Hainaut, the problem is now taken care of by the director-coordinator of the federal police, who must ensure an integrated approach to the fight against these gatherings. In a few weeks, according to the mayor, he could return with additional measures to be put in place by the police zones.


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