UPTET Hindi Subject Practice Set 04: Must read these questions asked many times in UPTET exam

UPTET Hindi Language Practice Set 04: whatever UPTET For those who are busy in their preparation, the exam date has been announced by UPTET. The new date of UPTET exam has been fixed as 23 January 2022. So now the candidates preparing for the remaining days of the exam should speed up their preparation.

In this article, 30 important questions asked in previous examinations of Hindi subject have been included. Therefore, before appearing in the examination, go to the examination hall after reading these questions once.

UPTET Hindi Language Practice Set 04

UPTET Hindi Subject Practice Set 04

Question. The creator of ‘Ramayani’ based on the chaupai verse is

  • Bihari
  • Rahim
  • Grace
  • Kabir

Answer : 4

Question. Who is the author of ‘Division of Labor and Caste System’?

  • Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia
  • Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Dr. Sampoornanand

Answer: 2

Question. Who is called Maithil Kokil?

  • Commander
  • Vidyapati
  • Padmakar
  • ghanananda

Answer: 2

Question. Who gave the old Hindi name to literary Apabhramsa?

  • Ramchandra Shukla
  • Hazari Prasad Dwivedi
  • Rahul Sankrityayan
  • Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi

Answer 1

Question. What was the name of Dr. Ambedkar’s father?

  • Ramdev Sakpal
  • Ramji Sakpal
  • Ramkishun Sakpal
  • Radheram Sakpal

Answer: 2

Question. Name the author of ‘Bolga Se Ganga’

  • Rangeya Raghav
  • Dharamveer Bharti
  • Rahul Sankrityayan
  • Rajendra Yadav

Answer : 3

Question. By whose name was the ‘Dwivedi era’ named?

  • Hazari Prasad Dwivedi
  • Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi
  • Peace dear Dwivedi
  • Ram Avadh Dwivedi

Answer: 2

Question. What does the modern civilized society consider essential for ‘efficiency’?

  • Work division
  • Wealth-division
  • mass division
  • caste division

Answer 1

Question. What is a ‘silent hero’?

  • Newspaper
  • magazine
  • Book
  • story collection

Answer: 2

Question. Who has an important role in the making of the Indian Constitution?

  • Bhimrao Ambedkar
  • Jyotiba Phule
  • Rajagopalachari
  • Mahatma Gandhi

Answer 1

Question. ‘Apna-paraya’ has a confluence

  • extravagance
  • Dwigu
  • Conflict
  • Tatpurush

Answer : 3

Question. Who was the first appointed kirtankar poet among the poets of Ashtachap?

  • Nandadas
  • krishnadas
  • surdas
  • Kumbhandas

Answer : 3

Question. According to what do we get the fruit?

  • wisdom
  • Linage
  • Society
  • Behaviour

Answer : 4

Question. Which word is different?

  • friend
  • Valor
  • Friendship
  • humanity

Answer 1

Question. choose the correct word

There should be a sense of vision and behavior towards everyone.

  • Different
  • supernatural
  • General
  • Similar

Answer : 4

Question. ‘Chandra Saklank, Face Nishkalank’, what is the equality between the two.’

What is the rhetoric in that verse?

  • allegory
  • Contrast
  • inconsistency
  • Lamp

Answer: 2

Question. Where can peace be found?

  • Advertisement
  • in religion
  • in society
  • in itself
  • in family

Answer : 3

Question. according to skinner

  • Learning a language is a very complex process.
  • Language is learned by imitation.
  • Language is learned from the environment.
  • Language is learned by interaction.

Answer: 2

Question. Give the synonyms of the word ‘kapot’

  • Parbhrit
  • pickup
  • Paravat
  • chanchareek

Answer : 3

Question. Read the question given in the primary level text book carefully

‘If you were in Papa’s place, where would you put the cart?’ Why did you decide this? What is this question related to?

  • expanding thinking ability
  • from family information
  • from different businesses
  • through the expression of experiences

Answer : 4

Question. Which point will you give the most importance while assessing Hindi language?

  • language structure
  • grammatical language
  • spontaneous expression
  • figurative language

Answer : 3

Question. Writing in class one starts with …….

  • write sentences
  • From the beginning
  • write letters
  • make pictures

Answer : 4

Question. Which view do you agree with about language skills?

  • They do not affect each other.
  • All these cannot be learned together.
  • These are learned in a certain order.
  • They are intrinsically related to each other.

Answer : 4

Question. Which of the following did not Gandhiji make his target?

  • friendship with conscience
  • freedom from slaves
  • freedom from slavery
  • service to humanity

Answer: 2

Question. What do Mahavira, Buddha, Christ, Nanak and Gandhiji have in common?

  • All are born in India.
  • Everyone did human welfare.
  • All are religious leaders.
  • All are saints.

Answer: 2

Question. Which is the basis book of ‘Rama’s Shakti Puja’ by Nirala?

  • Kamban Ramayana
  • Ramcharitmanas
  • Krittivas Ramayana
  • Ramchandrika

Answer : 3

Question. According to the article, who should make it a part of his behavior?

  • definition of true and false
  • Definition of ego and conscience
  • Moral values ​​of society and sensibilities
  • Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev

Answer : 3

Question. Gandhiji became a world leader because

  • He loved discipline.
  • He had the same attitude and behavior towards everyone.
  • He did Satyagraha.
  • He was the leader of the freedom movement.

Answer: 2

Question. In which word there is no tatpurush samasa?

  • Unaware
  • Friendly
  • Gangajal
  • Dharma Dharma

Answer 1

Question. is an example of a treaty

  • Consensus
  • Excellent
  • sleeping
  • tanmay

Answer : ??

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