UPTET Hindi Subject Practice Set 02: Must read these questions asked many times in UPTET exam

UPTET Hindi Language Practice Set 02: whatever UPTET For those who are busy in their preparation, the exam date has been announced by UPTET. The new date for the UPTET exam has been set as 23 January 2022. So now the candidates preparing for the remaining days of the exam should speed up their preparation.

In this article, 30 important questions asked in previous examinations of Hindi subject have been included. Therefore, before appearing in the examination, go to the examination hall after reading these questions once.

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UPTET Hindi Language Practice Set 02

UPTET Hindi Subject Practice Set 02

Question: What needs to be done to overcome weak feelings?

  • planning to win
  • don’t let such feelings come to your mind
  • immortalize the name by good deeds
  • to be immortal forever

Answer : 3

Question: Identify the word that is different from the rest of the words

  • truthful
  • Salvation
  • virtue
  • good deeds

Answer 1

Question: From which prefix-suffixes the word ‘spirituality’ used in the passage is made?

  • aa, i, kata
  • Adhi, E, Ta
  • Adhi, Ik, Ta
  • mid, a, ta

Answer : 3

Q: Ability to learn language in children

  • is born
  • is earned
  • is exemplary
  • would not at all

Answer 1

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Question: The main difference between language learning and language acquisition is the basis of

  • literacy
  • language environment
  • study material
  • language assessment

Answer: 2

Question: What would you give the most importance to in assessing children’s language at the primary level?

  • portfolio
  • check list
  • Written exam
  • questionnaire

Answer 1

Question: Most important in the process of reading

  • Flow
  • Meaning
  • alphabet knowledge
  • Speed

Answer: 2

Question: What is the use of mother tongue in multilingual class?

  • should be ignored.
  • must be rejected
  • must be accepted
  • should not be overemphasized

Answer : 3

Question: What is a suitable antonym of the word ‘selfless’?

  • Selfless
  • Selfish
  • selfless
  • respondent

Answer: 2

Direction : Read the following phrase and choose the most appropriate answer option to the following six questions asked

We are proud of our own language,
But first of all we Indians of the world
In living, in food and drink, no matter how many,
We came to give this soil, we sacrificed together
Millions of storms crushed by centuries, from the foot of the foot,
If you bowed down today, collided with something, it would have seemed like a wake-up call again.
Even though Kashmir is far away from Andaman,
But every province is connected with its innumerable soft threads.
Where we have taken the steps, it has happened there, there is a new moon.
Residents of free country, every step is our cloud.
Question: From the point of view of the compound, the term is different from the rest

  • Meeting – dating
  • standard of living
  • their own
  • food and drink

Answer : 3

Question: In the line ‘Lakhs of storms crushed by centuries, we have from the floor’, there is a sense of ‘storm’

  • battles
  • difficulties
  • orders
  • Attack

Answer: 2

Question: What is the synonym of the word ‘foot’?

  • step
  • New
  • Step
  • Post

Answer: 2

Question: According to the poem, we are one even in the midst of diversity, because first of all we

  • Are free
  • are indian
  • are self respecting
  • heroes are brave

Answer: 2

Question: ‘Andaman to Kashmir’ is in India

  • remote state
  • Revolutionary state
  • contiguous state
  • Sacrificial state

Answer 1

Question: Wherever we Indians take our steps, there

  • good things happen
  • there is peace
  • revolution takes place
  • countries become independent

Answer 1

Question: Which statement is not correct regarding language skills?

  • Language skills are acquired in a sequence
  • affect language skills
  • Language skills are related to each other
  • language skills are not acquired in a row

Answer : 4

Question: What is the reading which is used in prose but not in verse?

  • silent reading
  • imitation reading
  • model reading
  • Reading together

Answer 1

Question: The most suitable medium to develop the imagination power of small children is

  • biographies of great men
  • fairy tales
  • poems of emotion
  • Mythology

Answer: 2

Question: To develop the linguistic abilities of the students at the primary level means.

  • authority on linguistic rules
  • authority over linguistic structures
  • right to language skills
  • mastery of language imitation skills

Answer : 3

Question: The method of teaching language skills is

  • simulation method
  • Language Laboratory
  • Collective method
  • all these

Answer : 4

Question: The main reason for the difference between language learning and language acquisition is

  • language environment
  • complexity of language
  • nature of language
  • beauty of language

Answer 1

Question: Deepti asked the students of class VIII to find and recite a poem with similar sentiments. the main reason is

  • To entertain the children.
  • To assess the understanding level of children.
  • To explain to the children the meaning of similar expressions.
  • Assessing children’s auditory process.

Answer: 2

Question: National Curriculum Framework 2005 for Languages. , The richest resource of

  • business kids.
  • Language
  • Persona
  • Asmita

Answer : 3

Question: Which of these words will come first in the dictionary?

  • continuation
  • limited
  • seerat
  • Created

Answer: 2

Question: Poetry in class VI – During teaching…… is most important.

  • different combinations
  • different verses
  • Use different words
  • different land

Answer : 4

Question: Which element will you give the most importance to while selecting literature for class VIII?

  • mystery adventure
  • fairy tale
  • Animals and birds
  • King Queen

Answer 1

Question: Hindi is the least effective language assessment in class 7

  • Conversation
  • question formulation
  • dictation
  • Observation

Answer : 3

Question: How are the fourth, fifth adjectives?

  • Frequency indicator
  • Ordinal
  • cognizant
  • quantitative

Answer: 2

Question: In which word the suffix ‘in’ is not used correctly?

  • keynote
  • nine
  • Serpent
  • Isain

Answer 1

Question: Which word is not synonymous with ‘rainbow’?

  • beauty
  • Saptavarna
  • amareshwar
  • Cube

Answer : ??

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