UPTET Child Development and Pedagogy Practice Set 05: Study these 30 important questions asked in previous years exam

UPTET Child Development And Pedagogy Practice Set 05 : UPTET exam was to be held on 28th November but due to paper leak, the entire exam process had to be canceled midway, now its exam is to be conducted on 23rd January 2022. Its admit card has also been issued. The candidates of this exam are busy preparing with their hard work.

In such a situation, through this article, we will make you aware of 30 important questions of child development and pedagogy of the past years asked in the UPTET exam, by studying which you can strengthen your preparation even more.

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UPTET Child Development And Pedagogy Practice Set 05

UPTET Child Development And Pedagogy Practice Set 05

Question: Most of the behavior of the baby is based on

  • on the basic trend
  • on morality
  • on reality
  • Attention

Answer 1

Question: In the theory of learning by insight, Kohler used

  • on dog
  • on the cat
  • on orangutans
  • on rats

Answer : 3

Question: It is not necessary that children with high IQ are ………. will also be high.

  • creativity
  • to analyze
  • Study
  • get good marks

Answer 1

Question: The application of knowledge acquired in one situation to another situation is called

  • learning methods
  • transfer to learning
  • plateau in learning
  • interest in learning

Answer: 2

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Question: Change in behavior through experience is called

  • Commemoration
  • Learn
  • Inspiration
  • concerns

Answer: 2

Question: In statistics, the diagram in which the frequencies are represented by columns is called

  • columnar
  • frequency polygon
  • cumulative frequency
  • Drawing

Answer 1

Question: At which stage of development is the maximum development of intelligence?

  • childhood
  • Adolescence
  • Infancy
  • maturity

Answer: 2

Question: What is the internal state of meditation?

  • novelty
  • Duration
  • interest
  • Shape

Answer : 3

Question: Which of the following method is not used to measure memory?

  • withdrawal method
  • identification method
  • logical method
  • re-learning method

Answer : 3

Question: Development of Contextual Intelligence Test (TAT)……. was done by

  • Symonds
  • died
  • Holtzman
  • bullock

Answer: 2

Question: The first step of concept formation is

  • generalization
  • perception
  • Differentiation
  • Separation

Answer: 2

Question: The concept of observational learning was given by ……..

  • tolman
  • thorndike
  • bandura
  • kohler

Answer : 3

Question: In learning ………. gave the law of effect.

  • Pavlov
  • skinner
  • Watson
  • thorndike

Answer : 4

Question: The biggest contribution of psychology in the field of education is

  • subject centered education
  • teacher centered education
  • action centered learning
  • child centered education

Answer : 4

Question: Which of the following is not related to the principles of growth and development?

  • The principle of continuity
  • The principle of coordination
  • The principle of classification
  • principle of individuality

Answer : 3

Question: On which rule of learning is the lesson introduction step in classroom teaching based?

  • law of effect
  • law of readiness
  • law of analogy
  • rule of association

Answer: 2

Question: is the internal or subjective determinant of attention

  • interest, goal, attitude
  • Light, sound, smell
  • Stimulus, object, technology
  • reward, punishment, incentive

Answer 1

Q: What is the field of child psychology?

  • study of characteristics of infancy only
  • Study of pregnancy characteristics only
  • study of characteristics of childhood only
  • Study of characteristics of adolescence from pregnancy

Answer : 4

Question: The condition which occurs due to the inability of the mother to separate the 21st chromosome pair is called

  • downs syndrome
  • turner syndrome
  • Kleinfelter syndrome
  • wilson syndrome

Answer 1

Question: Example, observation, analysis, classification, regularization are the steps of which of the following method?

  • incorporation method
  • arrival method
  • Insight method
  • exclusion method

Answer: 2

Question: According to Freud, the internalization of our values ​​takes place in ………..

  • idm
  • ego
  • paraham
  • circumstances

Answer : 3

Question: The pragmatist ……… has said, “Give me the newborn baby. I can make him a doctor, lawyer, thief or whatever I want.

  • freeman
  • Watson
  • newman
  • holzinger

Answer: 2

Question: According to Kohlberg, in which stage morality is determined by external factors?

  • Pre-traditional condition
  • The traditional state
  • After the traditional state
  • none of these

Answer 1

Question: Which one of the following is the correct sequence?

  • egg-sperm, blastocyst, zygote
  • blastocyst, egg-sperm, zygote
  • blastocyst, zygote, egg-sperm
  • egg-sperm, zygote, blastocyst

Answer : 4

Question: Introverted, extroverted and ambiguous personalities are classified by.

  • Krechner
  • yung
  • Sheldon
  • spranger

Answer : 3

Question: ……… has a major role in attracting attention.

  • intensity of stimulus
  • usefulness of stimulus
  • reliability of stimuli
  • activation of stimuli

Answer 1

Question ……. It is the art of generating interest in the student.”

  • Teaching
  • like vision
  • Sympathy
  • Inspiration

Answer : 4

Question: According to Freud

  • “Forgetfulness is the failure to retain or recall the facts that have been acquired or learned.”
  • “Forgetfulness means the failure to remember a past experience or to perform an action learned earlier, even after trying at some point of time”
  • “Forgetfulness is the tendency by which sad experiences are separated from memory”
  • neither of the above

Answer : 3

Question: The scale in which the interval has all the properties of the scale as well as absolute zero, is called

  • designated scale
  • ordinal scale
  • interval scale
  • ratio scale

Answer 1

Question: SOR has been proposed by whom?

  • Kofka
  • Gestaltist psychologists
  • Watson
  • kohler

Answer : ??

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