Upset in colleagues of Aníbal Pachano for a decision in Villa Carlos Paz: "Is unfair"

Hannibal Pachano caused great surprise by announcing that he would begin to perform his functions to the cap in what will be his last summer season. The artist chose to put an end to his career on stage with the show “Así vuelvo” that takes place in Villa Carlos Paz.

Of course, the search for the former jury of the “Dancing” is that there is more public in the theater in which it is presented. “We have a lot of young artistic talent that people don’t get to know either because they can’t afford a ticket. I want everyone to know these great dancers, actors, actresses and singers who are starting on the national scene.”commented the father of Sofia Pachano.

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This did not sit well with his colleagues who also run shows in the same city. Many of them took it as an unfair act, so “Intruders” went out in search of testimonies during the interview that Pachano was giving. Through a clip, they contributed their gaze to the Bicho Gómez, Georgina Barbarrosa, Peter Alfonso, Huevo Muller and Esteban Prol.

“It’s okay if you want your show to do well but there is broken some of the fair competition. It is half difficult to give an opinion with the other person’s pocket “Gomez commented first. For her part, Georgina was not comfortable with what happened: “I do not know how they give the costs, it’s a bit unfair. If it is for the actors we would give away the tickets but we have the blessed habit of eating every day“.

Aníbal Pachano in his new work.

Alfonso was sympathetic to Pachano’s decision, as was Esteban Prol. “Whatever anyone does is respectable, I have enormous affection for Aníbal. The competition goes the other way, it is a season that we all have to be united”mentioned the husband of Paula Chaves. Huevo opened up about the artist’s particular move: “It does not seem to me but good. It’s too early to throw in the towel, he’s not very loyal“.

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