UPDATE. No large World Cup screen in Tiendschuur: Festival da Copa cancelled


In Pelt you can go to Qatapelt: the non-profit organization In Pelt welcomes football fans in an eight-pointed festival tent. For the time being, the first three matches of Belgium are on the program. “After every game we plan a party with a performance. This is how Sam Gooris comes after the first game of the Devils against Canada,” says Wilfried Custers of the non-profit organization. Entrance is free.

The Peltse volunteers during the construction of Qatapelt © Paul Theeuwen

Qatapelt’s eight-pointed tent. © Paul Theeuwen


In Neeroeteren (Maaseik) there will be a World Cup village of the recognized fan club Neeroeteren4Belgium. Other World Cup villages in Flanders have already been cancelled. “But we are building up, so there is no going back,” says Bert Jacobs. “You can come and support us for free in front of a screen of six meters wide.

The World Cup village of Neeroeteren4Belgium © Boumediene Belbachir


Winterland broadcasts the matches of the Red Devils in the Grand Café. New this year in Hasselt is a large screen on the Grote Markt, an organization of three cafés on the Grote Markt.


In the Bar Goud tent on the Genkse Grote Markt you can watch all matches of the World Cup on two large LED screens for free. “We want to provide a typical Genk atmosphere with goodies from local traders and associations,” says alderman of Evenementen Karel Kriekemans (cd&v).


In Sint-Martens-Voeren Schutterij Sint-Martinus and the local Chiro work together: in the Schuttershof hall you can watch the matches of Belgium and the Netherlands for free.

Sint Truiden

No big screen on the Grote Markt in Sint-Truiden, but a World Cup event in ‘t Veilinghuis. “An open-air party is not possible this year,” says Karl Smets, chairman of non-profit organization Ambiance. “In ‘t Veilinghuis you can cheer for five hours for 49 euros, including unlimited food and drinks.”

The volunteers during the build-up of the World Cup event in Neeroeteren: “The build-up is in progress, so there is no turning back.” © Boumediene Belbachir


If you want to watch football on the big screen in Bree, café Itterdal is the place to be. Entrance is free. There are free snacks with every goal of the Red Devils.


In Lummen, the GCOC Oosterhof is renamed Lum’Arena for the matches of the Red Devils on the big screen. “Despite the fact that it is a winter edition, we expect a large turnout,” says alderman of Sport Romi Soors (cd&v). Admission is free, local associations sell refreshments during the match.


The youth council of Leopoldsburg broadcasts the World Cup in Qatar on a big screen in the youth center in Kwartier Yzer. Admission is free and there is room for 500 supporters.


Vzw Bilzense Studenten organizes a free event with a large screen. “Everyone is welcome to watch football with us, after the match there is an after party,” says Michiel Steegen of the non-profit organization. They also broadcast the Red Devils on a large screen for free in Taverne Boelhof.


Also in Oudsbergen there is a large screen at café Het Complot in the Hoogstraat. “We place a tent with a screen three meters wide for the matches of the Red Devils,” says co-organizer Rens Hollanders co-organizer. Entrance is free.

To fetch

In the sub-municipality of Zelem, Zelem Zomert places a large screen in the hall of the municipal primary school Op Dreef. All matches of the Red Devils can be viewed there and with a win there is a tournée générale for all those present.

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