up vidhan sabha chunav me bjp ticket formula: Uttar Pradesh Bjp will give Vidhansabha Chunav Tickets On This Formula : BJP will not give ticket to organization working in UP assembly elections

In Uttar Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party has made it clear that no office bearer at the state level or district level will be eligible to contest elections. The party has said that if anyone is willing to contest the election, he will have to resign from the party post. State BJP president Swatantra Dev Singh has already warned party leaders not to put up hoardings in their respective constituencies and not stake claim to their candidature.

In fact, even in the last Panchayat elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party had asked any leader who was holding any post in the state not to contest the Panchayat elections. It was decided in the meeting of the BJP Working Committee that if the condition of leaving the post for contesting the Panchayat elections was put in the state office-bearer, district president.

Tickets can be cut for many sitting MLAs?
According to sources, BJP General Secretary (Organisation) Sunil Bansal clarified this rule in a meeting of the party. A BJP leader present at the meeting said Bansal’s direction became a topic of discussion in the meeting, with enough indications that many sitting MLAs may not get re-tickets.

Performance of Panchayat elections, decision on the basis of survey report!
Party sources said the party’s performance in the panchayat polls will be one of the factors that will decide the fate of the sitting MLAs. A party functionary said that MLAs in whose constituencies the party has performed poorly in the panchayat polls may not get tickets. Besides, the report of the party’s internal survey about the performance of an MLA will also be a deciding factor.

BJP reversed its decision in Panchayat elections
The BJP had earlier announced that relatives of party leaders would not be given a chance to contest the panchayat elections. However, later the party preferred the victory factor and voluntarily gave tickets to the sons, daughters and wives of its leaders.

BJP wants to bring 300 plus seats like 2017
The official said that in politics, rules are made to be broken. It is only one MLA’s performance that can dampen the anti-incumbency wave. The party is determined to repeat its 2017 performance of 300 plus seats.

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