Up to Heaven: We explain the end of the 1st season of the Netflix series

Up to Heaven: The Series is the new Netflix series that has been giving us something to talk about. Anyone who has already marathoned this first season may have been in doubt about the outcome. Let’s dive into that end of season 1.

As the title already indicates, Up to Heaven: The Series is a continuation of a homonymous film (but without the subtitle, obviously). The feature film, by the way, is also on Netflix, so don’t worry.

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“A phone call in the middle of the night will change Sole’s fate: Ángel, her husband and gang leader, has died; Transformed overnight into a young widow with a child to care for and many troubled businesses to manage, Sole is unwilling to return to the tutelage of her father Rogelio, one of Madrid’s biggest dealers in stolen goods. series.

“Determined to make a living for herself, Sole will find new allies along the way who will help her unravel the mystery of the deaths that marked her destiny, as she makes contact with the gang of thieves and manages to gain their trust so that she can once again pull off heists as ambitious as those of the old days. But neither the police nor the different mafias she will have to compete with will be willing to ease her way to heaven,” continues the synopsis.

The cast of Up to Heaven: The Series features Asia Ortega Leiva as Sole, Luis Tosar as Rogelio, Álvaro Rico as Fernan, Patricia Vico as Mercedes, Áyax Pedrosa as Motos, Carmen Sánchez as Marta, Dólar as Gitano, among others.

We go into detail, below, on the Season 1 finale of Up to Heaven: The Series; check out!

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The first season of Up to Heaven: The Series opens with Ángel’s gang completing a robbery for his father-in-law and crime boss Rogelio.

Sole, Rogelio’s daughter, is mourning the death of her husband, who is killed due to tensions between him and a Chinese crime syndicate, who lose their money as part of their deal.

After her husband’s death, the syndicate starts targeting Sole for compensation, taking her to Ángel’s gang. Sole plots robberies and starts making money using the gang.

She also enters into a relationship with Fernan, an infiltrator, who joined the gang by lying about being in prison with her late husband.

Duque, a police officer, wants Fernan to take down Rogelio, and the informant considers Sole as a way to gain the crime boss’ trust.

Following the instructions of her lawyer, Mercedes, Sole decides to buy the shares of a port in Africa to trade the materials she steals using her gang.

However, Sole is forced to deal with the Chinese mafia. She meets mafia leaders, who tell her they had nothing to do with Estrella’s death or the money she stole from them.

Mafia leaders demand an ancient vase from a historic castle in Sole as compensation for the trouble her husband has caused them. Meanwhile, she discovers that Mercedes has records of every interaction she has had with her customers.

Since the recordings are evidence that can be used against Sole and others, she decides to get her hands on them. She devises a plan with Police Chief Ferrán, who is also the lawyer’s client, to steal the recordings stored on pen drives. Although Sole and Ferrán manage to carry out the plan, Mercedes realizes that Sole has turned against her.

To get revenge on Sole, Mercedes teams up with Duque and makes him realize that the police must strike first, who may become the future of the Spanish capital’s crime scene instead of Rogelio.

Ferrán informs Rogelio that there is an informant in Sole’s gang. Meanwhile, Mercedes’ daughter Marta discovers that her father is none other than Rogelio.

Sole satisfies the Chinese mafia leaders, stealing the vase from the castle with Poli’s help. Estrella’s cousin Rosa goes through her cousin’s cell phone, only to discover a video that makes it clear that her cousin was killed by Ferrán.

Is Sole prey?

No, Sole is not arrested. When Mercedes realizes that Sole has turned on her, she retaliates against her. After liquidating the Chinese crime syndicate, Mercedes takes Sole to Africa to sign contracts for the port she is partially buying.

Fernan also accompanies them. Duque arrives at the scene after the information provided by both the lawyer and the informant. After arriving at the scene, Sole meets the unlikely duo Carmen and Mateo.

Sole talks to them, hoping they don’t end up becoming threats to her. Contrary to her impression, they end up becoming her lifeguards.

Mateo tells Sole that he was there in prison with her late husband Ángel and his friend Fernan. As he knows the real Fernan, Mateo lets Sole know that his mate is not who he claims to be.

He even gathers information about Fernan’s real whereabouts to convince her. Before Sole can confront Fernan, he tells her that they must leave before she is arrested the next day, only for her to reveal that the Colombians are waiting for her to leave the room in order to kill him for compromising their deal and plans.

Sole also confronts Mercedes about turning against her. Sole initially plans to fly away from the place with Carmen’s help, but she decides to save Mercedes and Fernan regardless of whether they acted against her.

Sole doesn’t want to find her sister Marta as a murderer, which makes her save Mercedes from the Colombians, who try to kill her for leading the cops to them.

The trio ends up at the nearest airport, only to be joined by Carmen. They fly away on a chartered flight that Carmen organizes for them. Sole avoids her arrest with the help of two people she finds troublesome after being betrayed by the two people she trusted the most.

Up to Heaven: The Series is available on Netflix.

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