up cm yogi adityanath: UP News: CM Yogi attacks on BJP enlightened class conference, said- comment on deities, denial of Ram-Krishna, tendency of accidental Hindu – up cm yogi adityanath attacks on bjp prabudh varg sammelan, denial of ram-krishna, tendency of accidental hindu


  • Political agitation intensified in the state regarding the next year’s UP assembly elections.
  • Bharatiya Janata Party is busy wooing voters by holding a conference of enlightened classes in Uttar Pradesh
  • CM Yogi Adityanath attacked the opposition parties in the enlightened class conference held in Lucknow.

Political agitation has intensified in the state regarding the next year’s UP Vidhan Sabha elections 2022. UP BJP is busy in wooing voters by holding an enlightened class conference in the state. In the enlightened class conference held in Lucknow on Saturday, CM Yogi Adityanath attacked the opposition parties. Along with this, he also targeted those who commented on Hindu gods and goddesses. CM Yogi said, ‘At the time of disaster in the country, people of one party flee to Italy. Commenting on gods and goddesses, rejecting Rama and Krishna is part of their tendency, which will happen if an accidental Hindu happens.

CM Yogi was addressing the enlightened class conference of the North assembly constituency in the auditorium of the Directorate of Panchayati Raj, Purnia on Saturday. The CM said that the people who have been brought to the post of Prime Minister by UP. When those people go out of UP, they do evil to UP. Comment on country outside country.

Corona ate one and a half year, different changes seen in 3 years
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that during the tenure of his government, the corona was eaten for one and a half years and only got three years to work. But, a different change has been shown in these three years. People from all walks of life have got the benefits of government schemes. Earlier the people of UP were looked down upon. We have changed this perception. We did not allow even a single riot to happen in our government. It did no favors, it is the government’s job.

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Mafia used to make schemes in the previous government

Among the enlightened class, he said that in the previous government schemes were made by mafia-criminals, the ministers were not even aware of it. The then Agriculture Minister in the SP government had not gone to office for six months. He did not even know the name of the Agricultural Production Commissioner. When the state was submerged in floods, film personalities used to come to perform programmes. A little away from the DGP’s house, a mafia erected big buildings. We got bulldozers fired on these buildings built on enemy property. Today in our government no mafia can occupy the land of government or common citizen. Earlier there was no electricity, roads were broken as soon as they entered the state border, riots used to happen in every district. Today it has changed. Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that when the leadership is honest and character, then the whole country unites and follows it.

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Create an enlightened class environment
CM said that enlightened society leads the entire society. His opinion, his thoughts and his thoughts are followed by a large section of the society. CM requested that the next six months are important for the state. The enlightened class can go to every section of the society and it has to tell what is right in the interest of the country. Lucknow North MLA Dr. Neeraj Bora and Lucknow in-charge Govind Narayan Shukla also counted the achievements of the government.

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