Unusual crossing of Mercedes Ninci to Ysy A for the lyrics of their songs: "Drugs and alcohol are exalted"

In prime time on Saturday, Andy Kusnetzoff got all the attention of viewers when there was a strong discussion on his show “We can talk”. The guests of this edition were Flor Vigna, Sandra Mihanovich, John from “Big Brother”Ys and A and Mercedes Nini. The journalist and the ragpicker were the protagonists of a strong crossing when the Cordovan woman claimed him for the lyrics of his songs.

Watch the video of Mercedes Ninci questioning the ragpicker’s songs Ysy A in “We Can Talk”!

“My kids love you and they love all the rappers”started by saying Mercedes Nini. “At a general level, in all the songs drugs and alcohol are exalted, there is never anything constructiveshot the journalist regarding the songs of Ysy Ain front of the astonished gaze of the other participants.

“I also hate the police, it worries me because the boys are repeating those songs”, added the famous driver. “Of my five albums that I have, you will find that content in the first one. I always dedicated myself to taking a picture of what I live and telling it”managed to answer the singer.

Mercedes Ninci crossed Ysy A in “We Can Talk”

“I did not want minors to listen to me. I spoke very explicitly because I want to separate myself from minorsadded Ysy A. “When I finished my first album, I understood the responsibility”he assured. At that moment, the atmosphere became tense and the journalist criticized her songs.

Make letters that are a good example for the boys, because the boys are going to follow them the same. Sing something to save the environment”said Mercedes Nini.

Let’s be in solidarity with the poor, let’s go out to work, let’s move the country forward”, the journalist suggested as lyrics. Given this, vine flower He came out to defend the singer: “I went to listen to the album and it was totally motivational. Get into what you want with your friends and set an example”, assured the model.

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