Unrecognizable Issa Doumbia: how did he lose 10 trouser sizes?

If for some time Issa Doumbia seemed to have slimmed down, it is now a certainty! And the 40-year-old actor is very proud of it! He celebrated this victory with his community by sharing on his Instagram account this Sunday, July 17, a snapshot of him showing “a before” and “an after” his physical transformation. His fans did not fail to congratulate the artist and encourage him in his fight. Grateful, Issa Doumbia sent them a nice message in Instagram story “Thank you for your messages… Health takes precedence over aesthetics“.

But this change lifestyle it’s nothing new. It’s a long road that began in 2016. The comedian discovered in Our dear neighbors (TF1) had already entrusted in 2018 to Télé-Loisir to have lost more than 35 kilos. A nice revenge for the one who had been the victim of grossophobia at his beginnings and who has always remained discreet on the subject of his physical evolution.

A weightloss so important it takes time. Issa Doumbia began his fight against obesity in 2016. It is therefore after 6 years that the actor has reached the goal of 10 trouser sizes less. But a question arises, what is the secret of his weight loss? The comedian with 860,000 subscribers on Instagram wanted to recall that this transformation is the result of hard work and that he had not undergone any operation or taken medication. Sport and an better dietthat’s what allowed him to lose so much weight without thinking “regime”. “I wish you good health. And for that, there is a healthy food lifestyle to be reviewed with specialists, and at the sport level a guy like Yanisport in your life“, he confided in the legend of his Instagram post revealing his transformation. A positive message for Internet users while paying tribute to his sports coach and friend who has accompanied him for several years already.

What are the consequences of morbid obesity on health?

A excess weight can have a strong impact on the daily lives of patients. They may have difficulty getting around, they may also have health problems and develop low self-esteem, which can lead to depression.

According to the WHO, massive obesity exposes you to very severe complications – some of which can be fatal. Here are some of the complications that this disease can cause:

  • Of the metabolic complications : insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, dyslipidemia (bad cholesterol), hyperuricemia (too much uric acid), type 2 diabetes;
  • Of the cardiovascular complications : strokemyocardial infarction, heart rhythm disorders, heart failure, high blood pressure;
  • Of the pulmonary complications : breathing rhythm disorders, shortness of breath, sleep apnea, dyspnea (breathing discomfort), asthma…

To learn more about the consequences of morbid obesity, here is our dedicated article.

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