UNPARALLELED LOVE | Zenaide confesses to having run Antonio Jr

Cesar Fula

unparalleled love starts at Absentee’s house, he reproached himself that everything that has happened in his family is partly his fault for not having paid attention to his children, but Zenaide She confesses to her husband that she kicked Antonio Jr out of the house after discovering that he was stealing money from her sister.

Absent did not make that decision in a good way since he thinks that Zenaide should not have done that, because he is worried that Antonio Jr will have a bad time because he is still too young to fend for himself, despite everything Absent he loves his children very much.

Powerful follows with his decision

Powerful is determined to continue with her desire to work at the Olympia club, and for that she gets ready as seductively as possible, however, Miguel is dying of jealousy because he does not assimilate the idea of ​​her working there, since he loves her. he made his feelings clear to her, and although Mighty One doesn’t accept it, she also has the same feelings for him.

absent disappear

At dawn in Absentee’s house a very notable tension is felt, which is almost impossible for Zenaide to hide her sadness from her children who still have the uncertainty of knowing what happened between their parents since the absence of Mr. Absentee is not good news .

The truth is that, Absentee was outside the Club Olympia waiting for Poderosa to help him in his search for Antonio Jr. This makes Poderosa undecided as she does not know whether to enter the interview or help Absentee, in the end the person in charge Club security takes her to the interview but she is worried about Absentee.

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