UNPARALLELED LOVE | Tobias is threatened

Cesar Fula

Matchless Love It starts with the celebration dinner for the reconciliation between Miguel and Ausente, Poderosa toasts because they are happy again, but also because of their job interview at the Olympia club, news that leaves Miguel a little sad.

Donatella apologizes to Norma

After the discussion they had, Donatella goes to Mrs. Norma’s room to apologize for having gotten angry with her about the relationship she had with her Grandson Tobias, she understands that Norma only wanted to protect her knowing what Tobias’s character is like.

Tobias continues plotting

Tobias keeps conspiring against his father who plans not to tell him who is the viable donor for the bone marrow transplant, but for that he needs to know about the state of health of the agency’s players, however, Ramiro is already taking action on the matter.

Jose Antonio in love

José Antonio realizes that Donatella is also in the restaurant, and tells his brother Antonio Jr. to see her, but he immediately recognizes her because of her work at the Olympia Club, in the end Antonio Jr. approaches her as if he hadn’t seen her. met and invites her to a cheese promotion with the excuse of being able to talk with her.

Tobias continues to be displaced

Tobias remains safe thinking that his father Ramiro would not approve of Fernanda’s idea of ​​taking the boys from the street so they can train at the soccer agency, but he is surprised that Ramiro accepts the request, this definitely takes him by surprise. .

After having dinner with the family, Ramiro tells Tobias that he needs to talk to him, and without much detour he confesses that he knows he is responsible for the police raid on the Olympia club, so Ramiro threatens Tobias to remind him that he is the boss and Tobias is a simple pawn.

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