UNPARALLELED LOVE | Fernanda suspects Tobías and his father

Cesar Fula

The Olympia club seems to be showing red numbers, its owner lets the employees know that, but one of the girls throws a hint at Donatella for the bad time she had to go through with Ramiro and Tobias.

Antonio Jr. continues his endeavor to fend for himself by working at the Olympia club, but what he earns is barely enough to cover his personal expenses and be able to collaborate at home, so there was no other option left to put his car up for sale. .

Leandro’s girlfriend indignant

Tatiana is upset when she sees that Tobias goes over her authority, because as the head of Marketing of the agency she cannot accept that an intern touches corporate matters, however, what she does not know is that Tobias has an affair with the intern… Wow, wow!

Visit of Fernanda

Fernanda arrives at her agency brother to talk to Leandro to discuss legal issues about buying a place to house street kids, but she suspicion that who filed the complaint were his brother and his father.

Leander talks to Tobias

Tobias questions Leandro for still not finding an answer about Caio’s actions days ago, Leandro tells him that it was just child’s play, this answer does not convince Tobias since he thinks there is something more.

Powerful has a bad time

Poderosa continues to work with Miguel at his vegetable stand, but what she didn’t count on is that a client recognized her for her life as a woman of the night, giving her a bad time in front of her clients and the people present in the market.

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