UNPARALLELED LOVE | Fernanda spends a bitter night

Cesar Fula

Love Sin Igual begins as it ended with Tobias a little uncomfortable seeing that Donatella is with her father at the Olympia club, he does not seem to be happy to see the caresses that Ramiro gives to his girlfriend that he keeps secret… What a dilemma !

Meanwhile at Absente’s house, Poderosa seems to be worried about the situation that is happening Fernanda with the children of the streets, well she he has lived in that environment and knows how hard it is for them not to have someone to care about.

Nivaldo and Luciana missing

After escaping from the home for the elderly, Nivaldo and Luciana continue to give no trace of their whereabouts, since Beto and Pedro went to Fernanda’s house to see if they could find a clue, but to no avail.

The children leave with the police

Fernanda cries inconsolably when she sees that the young people are taken to the juvenile court, because she esteems them very much, and seeing that they are transferred to the correctional facility breaks her heart, however, what she does not know is that all this was planned by her father and his brother.

Are you falling in love?

AYAYAI! Everything seems to indicate that Poderosa already longs for love for Miguel, she now has thoughts about him and smiles at everything she has to do with Miguel, although she does not accept it, her feelings are clearer now.

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