Unpaid bonus, PSG takes a risk with Lionel Messi!

Lionel Messi has still not extended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, although optimism is in order. However, one detail should not change the game in this necessarily special file.

For weeks, rumors have announced that between Lionel Messi and PSG everything is closed, and that the Argentine world champion will extend his stay in the capital for another season or two. Even if on Monday a journalist from Barcelona caused trouble by saying that the Pulga had decided not to stay in Paris, very quickly other media came to say that all this was false and that the Emir of Qatar, very hot in this operation, still had the advantage. However, with each passing week the pressure around Lionel Messi increases, especially as Saudi Arabia gets excited and can up the ante and Inter Miami thinks they can use Lionel Messi’s wife to tip the scales in his favour.

PSG fell behind in bonus payments

If at Paris Saint-Germain optimism is de rigueur, there is all the same a real reason for concern, it is that since Lionel Messi joined the champions of France in 2021 following the brutal end of the contract of the Argentinian at Barça, certain financial promises have not been kept, even though the signing of the sevenfold Ballon d’Or was a good deal, as the sports daily explains. ” According to internal estimates, the balance between the income generated (direct and indirect) and the expenses related to his arrival over these first years is positive at nearly 15 million euros (…) Will Messi show himself? he conciliatory on this aspect, knowing that part of the commissions planned at the time of the signing in the summer of 2021 would not have yet been paid to those around him? “, explains José Barroso, who specifies that the PSG could hesitate to offer the same salary as currently to Lionel Messi if he extended for a season or two.

However, money is not everything, and fortunately for the Ligue 1 club, since in Saudi Arabia, the recent recruitment of Cristiano Ronaldo has shown that enormous things can be done. But L’Equipe specifies that if CR7 can give ideas to his old rival Lionel Messi, the latter is motivated by the idea of ​​stealing a record currently held by the Portuguese star. And if he wants to beat him, he will have to stay at PSG, or at least in a European club. Indeed, the Pulga salivates in front of Cristiano Ronaldo’s 141 goals on the continental scene, the Argentinian counting 129 to his credit. 12 small goals that could weigh in Leo Messi’s final decision to stay in Paris. While waiting to make a choice, the world champion seems to be having fun, even to the point of annoying Paris Saint-Germain supporters.

This week, left to rest for the Coupe de France match, Lionel Messi has indeed taken the destination of skiing with his wife and children. An attitude that surprised and even annoyed some PSG fans who believe that their player has better things to do as an insane month of February looms for him and his teammates. And on social networks, some did not hesitate to raise their voices. ” And after that complains about Neymar and his “lifestyle” while Messi instead of training he goes to the mountains 2 weeks before playing Bayern », « We feel that he is fully prepared for the big month of February which is coming eh », « Normally resting Messi didn’t play yesterday to go skiing today. This club is a real mop », « The problem is that with the networks today… and there, between Luis Campos in his other club which deals with transfers, Lionel Messi on skis… after a while you realize that it’s is not better than before or even worse, because at least Leonardo knew how to recruit him “, the jokes fall on the PSG and Lionel Messi, and this even if Paris imperatively wants to keep the world star.

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