Unmasking at "Masked Dancer": Ex-boxer hides in sheep’s clothing

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Unmasking with “Masked Dancer”
Ex-boxer hides in sheep’s clothing

At “The Masked Dancer”, celebrities show how their dance skills are doing under lavish disguise. After a world-class chanson star leaves the show in the first broadcast, a former professional athlete now has to pack his bags.

Muckis und Määäh: The former boxer Axel Schulz has been exposed as a sheep in the ProSieben show “The Masked Dancer”. The 53-year-old received too few votes from the audience on Thursday evening and therefore had to take off his mask, under which he had shown dances for a long time unrecognized on the show. “The great thing is that you can fax underneath,” said Schulz, summarizing the advantages of the latently stupid-looking animal that he embodied.

(Foto: picture alliance/dpa)

In fact, the sheep was particularly convincing because of its comedy. When Schulz had not yet been exposed, the jury had given some devastating judgments about the dancing qualities. “The sheep definitely looks like it was always chosen last in physical education,” said moderator Johanna Klum, who also called the performance “a dance avoidance program”. Moderator Steven Gätjen also stated that sheep have “limited talent” on the dance floor.

Schulz took it with a lot of humor. “My dance teacher, I think she went nuts. Because: You have to be able to take the steps,” he said. “And I can’t shit like that.” He actually took part in the show because he wanted to learn to dance. “But it didn’t work.” Nevertheless, he was happy. The ex-professional boxer flew as the second celebrity from the show.

Last week, singer Ute Lemper was exposed as a glow worm. Celebrities hide themselves in lavish disguise on the show. The jury and the audience try to guess their true identity based on their dances and with the help of clues.

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