"Unlike Johnny … " : this new release of Eddy Mitchell which risks ulcerating Laeticia Hallyday!

The health crisis has slowed down countless artists in their activities. But not Eddy Mitchell! At 79, the performer of “Couleur mint à l’eau” still wants to surprise his audience with countless projects. Recently, Muriel Bailleul’s husband unveiled his new album called “Country Rock”. A delicate and very personal work that will undoubtedly delight its admirers. Eddy Mitchell also paid tribute to his sidekick Johnny Hallyday who died in 2017.

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In the media, the star has never been afraid to deliver certain truths about the singer’s relatives. “There were betrayals around Johnny, but it was he who wanted it”, analyzed Eddy Mitchell for “Télé-Loisirs” this Monday, November 22, 2021. “We were several to try to prevent him, but he wasn’t listening. He trusted everyone and it was the last one who spoke before going to bed who was right ”.

Marked by his disappearance, Eddy Mitchell took his time before composing the title “A little bit of love” which dedicated to him in his 39th album. “I had the music for two years. One evening, looking at old photos of Johnny and I, I wanted to pay tribute to him, ”explained Eddy Mitchell. “But in this song, there are a lot of regrets and reproaches (…)”.

As for the tribute concert orchestrated by Laeticia Hallyday last September, the artist was not convinced by the concept. “I don’t call it a tribute. It does not interest me ”, decided the interpreter of“ No Boogie Woogie ”. If the United States have always fascinated the Hallyday couple, Eddy Mitchell has for his part twitched on certain codes of the country. “Unlike Johnny, I could not have lived in the United States, I do not appreciate the American mentality: one morning in Los Angeles, when there was not a cat in the street, a woman called the police because I had crossed the green light! ”, laughed the artist.

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