Unleashes controversy for exposing how much money he earns with a viral video

For many people, the money that influencers receive when making various viral videos is a mystery. That is why several netizens were shocked when a woman from TikTok in Mexico revealed how much he earned from his most played recordings on that social network.

Exposing the secret of TikTok

Our protagonist is called Mariana Gonzalez who, from his own experience, told us the amounts he pays TikTok for being a content creator, stating that the algorithm is based on the amount of “likes” that are obtained, the same one that is almost indecipherable.

But, despite the above, he commented that strategies can be applied that would help to position well a footage with a good reach and reactions, as the example of his most viewed video (with 28 million views) which was little produced, but it was a success and he received money for it.

In addition to this, he also confessed that the country where the videos are seen is very important. She, as a Mexican, had more views from her nation of origin than, for example, USA, Argentina, Chili, Colombia either Spain. But, this does not stop here, because he also added that, after making the clip viral, TikTok took it upon himself to show his channel to other users, which caused the views and reactions to increase, as well as the number of followers.

TikTok payment

For this reason, a few weeks after publishing his viral video, he received in his account the payment of 283.92 dollars, and what he did? She was shown in a landscape of Cancun that is projected from her TV, pretending to be in that place, accompanied by a Mexican beer: “Where are you going?”he asked his viewers.

Users refute it

Immediately, users did not stop reacting to this revelation that left bowled over to more than one: “Me seeing that all my videos are viral and they don’t pay me anything”, “I have mine for 72 million and they don’t pay me anything, ha, ha, ha”, “I have many viral videos and he has never paid me”, “Bad luck for those of us from Mexico”, “In most of Latin America it is non-existent, ha ha ha, practically, we give away our content to TikTok, “Well, in Argentina they don’t pay that, otherwise I’d be happy, ha, ha, ha”, “this platform is very little, it only serves to get to know you and that’s it”.

How many followers do you have to have to be a Tiktoker?

Having about 10 or 20 thousand followers on TikTok may not help you generate the expected profits, so it is estimated that having just over half a million followers, some sponsors approach you and offer to advertise their products, he details. .

What do you have to do to get TikTok to pay you?

In order for TikTok to pay you directly, you need to be part of the Creator Fund, which will pay you based on the views and engagement of your videos. You can only get paid for videos that comply with the TikTok Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, as .

How many views on TikTok do you need to make money?

Can you make money on TikTok? The short answer is yes. To earn money on TikTok directly, you must be 18 years or older, have more than 10,000 followers, and have at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days. You can then apply to the TikTok Creator Fund in the app, the site notes. .

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