University, the first enrolled in two degree courses at the same time: Gianluca Vitale studies engineering and law

There is the first subscriber to two different degree courses at the same time. Following the publication of decree n.930 of 29 July 2022 by the Minister of University and Research, it is in fact possible to undertake the path of “double degree“. And so, Gianluca Vitaletook the opportunity and, in addition to the current enrollment in the faculty of Computer engineering at the Mercatorum University, the degree course in Law at the Pegaso telematic university.

Vitale is a Computer operator at the Italian Army and, in addition to working full time, he chose to continue studying to broaden his knowledge: “My passion for computer science was born as a child and I decided to enroll in the faculty of computer engineering, choosing the Mercatorum University which makes the difference for me and allows me to comfortably reconcile study and work. When I learned about the double degree, I immediately thought of enrolling in the Faculty of Law which does not specifically concern my work, but it interests me a lot: this possibility allows me to speed up the path and to study not only topics concerning the IT sector, but also to cultivate other passions to try to broaden my horizons as much as possible ”explained Vitale. The decree, he remembers, regulated the procedures for facilitating the simultaneous enrollment of students in two degree coursesbut also of master’s degree, master’s degree, research doctorates or specialization process at multiple universitiesschools or colleges with special regulations and which differ in at least two thirds of the training activities.

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