United States: a shooting leaves several dead in a supermarket in Virginia

A gunman killed several people at a Walmart supermarket on Tuesday night in a town in the US state of Virginia, local authorities said, adding the gunman was also dead. “We have found several victims and several injured people,” Chesapeake Local Police Officer Leo Kosinski told reporters, adding that the response teams entered the store “immediately” upon their arrival, after a call emergency at 10 p.m. (4 a.m. this Wednesday morning in Switzerland). “We believe this is a single shooter and that this one is now deceased,” he added.

The number of victims has not been officially announced but according to the policeman, the shooting would not have caused more than 10 deaths. It is also this balance sheet reported by the television station WUSA, affiliated with the CBS channel.

48 hours before Thanksgiving celebrations

The municipality of the city, located 240 kilometers southeast of Washington, confirmed on Twitter “a shooter incident with deaths at Walmart on Sam’s Circle”. “Our first response teams are well prepared and ready to respond. Please give them space to do so,” she added. Many police officers were present at the scene of the shooting, according to images released by the news media. Investigators are going through the supermarket with a fine-toothed comb and securing the area, explained Leo Kosinski.

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Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas said she was “totally heartbroken that the last mass shooting in America took place tonight at a Walmart in my district of Chesapeake.” “I will not find rest until we find solutions to end this endemic gun violence that has stolen so many lives in our country,” the senator continued on Twitter.

The United States is regularly the scene of mass killings and other violence by firearms, but the question of gun control remains politically sensitive and Congress remains reluctant to toughen legislation in this area. The supermarket shooting took place 48 hours before Thanksgiving celebrations and comes after a shooting at a gay club last weekend in Colorado sparked outrage across the country.

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