Unique lively fours in the Prague Zoo: Tayry jump like acrobats

The four females and their brother are a lively group. Where they can, they stick their noses in there. “As soon as something new appears somewhere, they immediately want to explore it and take it out of the reach of breeders,” says their head breeder Denisa Zběhlíková. Like all weasels, tayers are very agile. In adulthood, they build their dens both in tree cavities and in dense undergrowth or in rock crevices, so they must be very agile. Acrobatic stunts in tayras have been training at an early age in the Prague Zoo.

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The first in the Czech Republic

The foursome were born in the Prague Zoo last year on the last day of August. There are usually one or two young tayers, so in Czech breeding such a multiple increase from one mother was the first time.

Many names

The homeland of these slender weasels is Central and South America. In addition to the name tayra, they are also referred to as eira, hyrare or Brazilian marten.

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