"Unfortunately there is Pierre Niney" : Nagui sends a violent tackle to the actor in "Do not forget the lyrics" !

Would there be water in the gas between Nagui and Pierre Niney? This is no doubt the impression that Claire, the current maestro of Do not forget the lyrics when the host of the famous singing game on France 2 attacked the actor with a joke. To understand the context of the “attack” it is necessary to return to the subject of discussion between the host and his candidate this Thursday, May 12.

The latter evoking her projects according to the gains she was going to make in the program. The candidate is currently at the head of a farm with her companion and wishes to use part of her earnings for the purchase of equipment, and in particular a “comb harrow” who serves “to weed mechanically so that you no longer have to use pesticides”. A project greatly appreciated by Nagui who continues to highlight ecology and the actions we must take to preserve the planet. The opportunity for him to talk about the film Goliath with Pierre Niney. A feature film that highlights the scandal of the pesticide lobbies strongly advised by the presenter.

A tackle for a friend

“There’s a very good film called Goliath, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, about the scandal of the pesticide lobbies and the farmers who are affected by this story. Go see this film with Pierre Niney”he launched at first before sending a tackle to the actor: Good… Unfortunately there is Pierre Niney, but otherwise it’s a very good film to see”. Claire couldn’t help but throw a grimace, a bit surprised by Nagui’s remark who, seeing the embarrassed face of the maestro, then retorted: “Oh I already told him, you know. It doesn’t change anything, this guy has so much…”, by mimicking a huge head to let it be understood that Pierre Niney would have taken the melon.

Seeing that the candidate no longer knew where to go, Nagui finally put an end to the joke by reassuring: I am joking ! Saw the head. I assure you, it’s a joke. Nah, there are really people I don’t like, but he’s a friend”. Everything seems to be going for the best between the host and the actor!

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