Unfaithful Chapter 7: Volkan, Derin and one more disappointment for Asya

What happened in chapter 7 of “Unfaithful”? Volkan has decided to continue with Derin; Therefore, Asya has no choice but to seek a divorce, but she has some problems that she will have to face: on the one hand, there is her son, who will suffer with the breakup of their parents. Then his friends and family who advise him to keep his marriage. And, finally, the process that she must face will not be easy, because she must get evidence of infidelity from her husband.

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In the previous chapter from “Sadakatsiz” (original title of the Turkish soap opera) Asya’s lawyer advises her to think carefully about whether to divorce Volkan, she must have things clear, and not only in the sentimental part, but material, because she must review her accounts and see that your economy has not been affected; otherwise she could lose more than her marriage. What decision will Asya make? Are you willing to risk it all?

Later, when she goes to the bookstore, she meets Derin, her husband’s mistress. The young blonde is shopping for a maternity. At the exit, both have an intense conversation. The doctor finds out that Volkan and Derin have finally decided to have the child, but not only that: Asya finds out that her husband has been leading a double life for two years. The protagonist breaks down and is more confused than ever.

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Asya discovers that Volkan has decided to continue loving Derin. What will the protagonist of “Unfaithful” do? (Photo: Unfaithful / Medyapim)


Asya goes to check her accounts and discovers that she has a large debt. The doctor discovers that Volkan asked for a mortgage two years ago. But not only that, but just a month ago, the architect withdrew all the funds he was saving for his son’s education. After finding out everything, the doctor goes to her house and searches through her husband’s things, finding reports of her latest purchases. Volkan has spent his money on jewelry for Derin, also has been withdrawing a lot of money in recent days. He also finds out her husband and his lover have an apartment.


Tensions between Asya and Volkan are on the rise. Although the doctor has not said anything, Volkan suspects that something is wrong. The architect has noticed that his wife has been weird lately.even though she denies it. For her part, she has known how to bear everything she knows about her husband’s double life, but soon everything will explode. Meanwhile, the woman has been avoiding him; something that her friends have noticed. Ali Ella, for her part, suspects that her parents’ marriage is in a tailspin, so she asks her friend for advice.

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Derin is discovered by Asya buying motherhood books in "Unfaithful" (Photo: Medyapim)
Derin is discovered by Asya buying motherhood books in “Unfaithful” (Photo: Medyapim)

Volkan has to work and must go to his office at night, something Asya doesn’t think is true, so she makes the decision to follow him. When she arrives at the architect’s office, the woman imagines that she is with her lover, so he decides to turn on his cell phone camera to record everything and have proof for his divorce; but in reality her husband was not lying, he was in a work meeting. Asya can’t handle her embarrassment anymore and makes up an excuse before leaving.


After all, Asya goes to see Volkan’s mother, who is in the hospital. The doctor tells him the truth about her son, but her mother-in-law thinks it’s just a mistakeSomething she shouldn’t worry about and it shouldn’t affect her marriage. But the protagonist is not willing to endure more; That’s why she tells him that the architect and his lover have been together for two years and that’s not all, but that Volkan has been taking money out of the fund they were saving for Ali. In spite of everything, the woman tells him not to say anything, to continue with her life, that what happened to her son is just a mistake. What decision will Asya make? Will she listen to her husband’s mother? What will happen in the next chapter of “Unfaithful”?

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The doctor tells her the truth, but her mother-in-law believes that what happened to her son is just a mistake (Photo: Medyapim)
The doctor tells her the truth, but her mother-in-law believes that what happened to her son is just a mistake (Photo: Medyapim)


  • Under the title Unfaithful: Story of a Deceptionthe Turkish telenovela premiered on Monday, June 13, 2022 at 10/9C on the Telemundo screen.
  • To see “Unfaithful” via online from your cell phone, you can download the Telemundo app that is available on Android and Apple. It is worth mentioning that, as of June 14, the complete chapters of the Turkish soap opera reached the application of the international chain.

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