Unfair! Zé Lopes praises Tatiana Boa Nova and lets the spectators “peck”: “The public “punished” her for something that wasn’t…”

Tatiana Boa Nova was (unsurprisingly) the expelled contestant at the “Big Brother” gala that took place on the night of this Sunday, November 20.

The competing “veteran”, who received an invitation from the production to participate in this reality-show was (by far) the most voted in all the unofficial polls and ended up receiving a “walking guide” at the end of the gala after the controversies in which was involved during the program.

Zé Lopes, TVI presenter and commentator, came out in defense of Tatiana Boa Nova and talks about “injustice”: “The maturity and evolution that @tatianaboanova showed in this program compared to the others she entered are remarkable”begins by explaining.

“And I continue to feel that the public “punished” her for something that was not her responsibility. At all! Life goes on outside, dear Tatiana. A big kiss”can still be read.

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