Unexpectedly! Babčáková back in StarDance

According to the Aha! the actress fought the covid, which she has not yet confirmed, but she has not refuted. On the other hand, Czech Television finally answered the question why Babčáková with Prágr were missing from the audience last Saturday, while Zdeněk Godla was eliminated on the same day (46) and his dancer Tereza Prucková (36) were there.

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Simona Babčáková about StarDance: I stop looking forward and I’m starting to get scared!

“It is not a rule or an obligation that all lost couples must always attend the dance evenings. But Simon and Martin will show up at one of the next evenings,“Said Aha! CT spokeswoman Karolína Blinková. Television also confirmed through her mouth that tennis player Andrea Setini Hlaváčková (35) will again have to do without his dancer Michal Necpal (34). “He is currently preparing for Saturday night with Jakub Necpál,” a spokeswoman for the Czech Television wrote.

Babčáková lost her votes, the bettors are clear! And the Soukalov war is escalating

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