Unexpected love on the horizon! Handsome Lambora slapped…

It’s not that long ago, is it? Lambora he yelled something about not looking for a relationship and just wanting to focus on himself, but you can’t recommend love, especially when a damn hottie gets in the way Quickwhich is single.

An old couple? Hvězda Slunečná Lambora and Miss Bezděková together again!

Shortly before she started seeing Lambora, she fell in love with her current partner and fellow actor from the series, Vojt Vodochodsky (28). And it was said that it was nothing nice. “It ended ingloriously between Vojta and Sára. He got kicked by her and he’s taking it really bad.” confirmed for eXtra.cz a source close to the former partners.

Not one of the cooing pigeons confirmed the new love story, but the season of social events is approaching, so it is not excluded that the couple will soon appear in public hand in hand.

Miss Andrea Bezděková left Lambora at home and went to Vary! Who accompanied her?

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