Unexpected decision by Bíla: She sent Svalovce to the water

“I won’t forget today, it’s wonderful, but I had a very good year. One day I’ll have to take my foot off the gas, but it didn’t work out this year, I’m still enjoying it.” she confided shortly after the Slavík presentation White.

Lucie Bílá: She did not expect the victory in Slavíkov

In the future, she would like to devote more time to her family – especially to her partner Radek. She recently celebrated her 7-year anniversary with him and by all accounts their love is just blossoming – although. Philippi he almost had it.

“I think people who are meant to meet, just meet. And even if you meander, you will still meet your person. You just can’t give up. I remember that at the beginning I was zigzagging in front of Ráda and I even sent him away once. I’m glad that he didn’t let himself be pushed away and that I have him by my side, because in one moment I allowed myself, or decided to allow myself to be happy. The important thing is to allow yourself to be happy and not give up.” Bílá confided to iDnes.cz.

Widower of Zagorová (†75) Margita in tears: Statue for Hanička to heaven!

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